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Cleaning up urine

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I've read so many threads about cats that have litterbox problems. And I've always been so grateful that I have never had that problem with my cats. Well now it's happened to me. Twice I have caught Nubi peeing on piles of dirty clothes in my bedroom. (Yeah I know, I shouldn't throw my dirty clothes on the floor. )

From reading all the posts, I think I know how to proceed with fixing the problem. Nubi has a vet's appt tomorrow to check if it's physical. And I know where to find steps to deal with a behavioral problem. Right now, I'm concerned with the cleaning up. Here's my question. Is there an easy way to figure out if he's been going to the bathroom anywhere else that I haven't noticed? My nose isn't that good, so I don't know if I would smell anything. And there are so many nooks and crannies that I might overlook.

And is simply washing my clothes in hot water good enough to get the smell out? They don't smell to me, but I know my kitties have better noses than me. Luckily both times I've gotten to it before things have dried so nothing has stained.

I really hope this is physical, because I don't know how well I can deal with a behaviorial problem!
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Below is a thread called - CAT URINE CLEANUP QUESTION - it should cover your question.

Good luck !
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In order to find dried spots of urine, you can purchase a black light. I know you can find them at Pet Co. For an odor neutralizer, I would recomend a product called Nok-out. I can't say enough good things about it. You can read about it and order it on www.nok-out.com
It sounds to me like she is pretty normal and will just pee on dirty laundry. The problem should dissapear if you keep the dirty laundry put up. If it is elsewhere and persists, I would take her to the vet for a check up.
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Thank you Sandie. I'm glad there is an easier way to find any urine spots other than my poor nose. And after your raving reviews, I'm ordering some Nok-out today!
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