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I'm so mad right now!!!

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There was a girl in one of my college classes today who was complaining about not being able to come to class last time because she had aciddentaly stuck her kitten into the dryer and killed it which got blood all over her clothes!!! The woman was B&#^&*@& about her clothes and all the money it would take to buy a knew wardrobe!!! Can you beleive that!! I walked right up to her and said "Some things are a little more important than clothes!" You know what she said? "Not if you paid 75 bucks for a pair of jeans." I just wanted to hit her! Sorry about the spelling but I'm alittle upset right now!
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Some people make me so mad! What a stupid B&*@H!!! That sort of person does not deserve to have a pet of any kind, especially since she's so worried about her wardrobe in the first place. God forbid the kitty had clawed a sweater of hers or something.

Actually, I'm surprised all you wanted to do was hit her! That's where I would have wanted to start! Hmmm... wonder how she'd like the dryer for a while?
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Boy, this just seems too odd...that's a pretty extreme excuse showing no regard for the kitten...is there ANY chance she was just being a flippant little girl? Some people are just that screwed up and there are certainly enough stories from others here to support the existence of this type of person...

If its true, I'd be inclined to contact authorities...I mean, how do you SERIOUSLY, ACCIDENTALLY stick a kitten in a dryer and not know it immediately, even if the kit managed to sneak in?

Yelling at her will make her the martyr...let her be unless there are charges to be pressed for animal cruelty.

Just my thoughts,
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I WISH I KNEW HOW YOU ACCIDENTALY STICK YOUR KITTEN IN A DRYER!!! It's the most horrible thing I've heard in a long time! I don't know what the girl was thinking, she seemed uterly unconcerned about the poor little thing. The way she said it was like she expected people to think it was funny or something like "Can you beleive what I just did?"
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buttercup wrote:
The way she said it was like she expected people to think it was funny or something like "Can you beleive what I just did?"
See, that's why I'm asking...I think its very possible this foolish young girl was trying to do exactly what you described, trying to get a rise out of someone/anyone and didn't really DO anything, but right now only she knows. I'm certainly not trying to defend her, as I don't think that type of caustic/callous humor has a place, but there are those that do...

I don't know what else to tell you buttercup...

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I really, really hope your right!
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Me, too.

If you're still worried, try to have someone else check out her story. If she did what she claimed, I have to believe someone with knowledge of the act could get her nailed for animal cruelty, but I also have no knowledge of MO animal law (or any other law for that matter; I'm just voicing opinion). Maybe even confront her with that possibility and see if she cops to lying about or confesses. Hopefully, this girl is NOT in one of your vet. classes?! With a bedside manner like that, she'll need another career in no time...

Peace to you,
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I agree that the girl's story should be checked out. If the story is true, don't hesitate for even a second to call in the authorities and have charges filed against her. How can anyone be so f@@##$@ STUPID!!!!!!
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You have more self control than I do! I'm afraid I would have smacked her in her smart little mouth. Let her bleed on her own $75 jeans! I agree with the others that this story should be checked out. I have a friend that works with several different animal rescue agencies around Kansas City and she would be heard all over Missouri if this story proved to be true. Keep us posted and if it is true, I will forward this to her.
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I should see this girl in class again friday so I will ask her about it and have a few friends of mine ask around also. I will keep everyone informed of what I come up with. I seriously hope she was joking and even if she was I think I would still want to deck her; thats not remotely funny! If she isn't the ASPCA or other such org. will be the first to hear! I can't beleive some people!

P.S. No, she is not in one of my vet classes. If she was I don't know what I would do!
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I would have belted the little witch! I hope she was only joking, but even if she was, it is NOT funny, and if she is serious, she needs some serious help........ anyone who is more worried about their clothes, I don't care how dang much they cost, than the poor kitten, and what it must have gone through is seiously sick!!!

I don't blame you for being angry!!!!!
Let us know what you find out!
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Sadly, this happens more often than you'd think (Kittens going in with the clothes). When I was about 8 years old a family friend killed the family kitten this way. They were so devastated. If you look on the main Cat Site page, you'll see the news links has a story on a kitten who ended up in the dryer for 90 minutes, but survived. I bet the incidence of this is heightened around this time of year as kittens will crawl into the laundry basket and burrow in under the clothes to get warm.

As for this vapid girl, how could she not be devastated by this? I would be sick over it. She really needs to learn that living creatures are more important than clothes! I seriously hope she doesn't go get herself a new kitten.
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This happened to our family when I was 17 years old.

I was living at home and had we had adopted an adorable little female tabby about 5 weeks before...she was about 3 months old.
My Mom was doing laundry and had put the clothes in the dryer, but hadn't shut the dryer door yet, when someone knoccked on the front door. She answered the door, it was some Jehovah's Witnesses (no offense to them), she talked briefly with them, and went back to her laundry.
When she opened the dryer later, she screamed so loud the neighbors heard her and called the police! (we had a history of domestic abuse in the house...stepdad)
I came downstairs and found our baby tangled up in the towels, she was dead, and was already stiff and cold, even after being in the dryer. It had been several hours before she was found, as I was pregnant and upstairs, and everyone else was either busy or out of the house.
My Mom was devastated, she cried for days, and I had nightmares and even day visions of what that baby must have gone through.
Even telling this story, I can picture her poor little face!

If this girl really did what she says she did, then either she is incredibly heartless, or she needs serious mental help...maybe both.

Things like this happen, but normal people don't react like that!
I always double or even triple check the dryer now...also the dishwasher, washer, etc.
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my oh my what a horrid person....lets stick here in the dryer and tell people we did it accidentally! I hope that she never has another pet in my opinion not a pet person.....
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I didn't know kittens getting in dryers happened so often! It's so horrible I can't stand to think about it. What the poor little things had to go through. I think I'm about to cry or be sick!
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