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Affectionate Cat needs Home for One Year(Los Angeles)

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Would you like to have a sweet cat for one year (July 2005-September 2006)? I brought my cat with me from Kyoto,Japan last year but I will be going abroad again in July for one year. I will come back permanently in September of 2006.

She is 3 1/2 years old, spayed, and litter-box trained, no health problems. She is very sweet and loving and sits on my lap when I am on at the computer. She is also talkative (when I say "meow" she will say "meow" back)and is fine with other cats. I will pay for her food and expenses. I can take care of your cat in exchange, anytime after September 2006. Thank you.

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He is very beautiful. I hope you find someone who will keep him, and then give him back next year! This is a good place to find cat lovers!
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I agree with Beckiboo - Guapa is muy bonita! I am praying that you will find an awesome home to foster her. My place is in need of major renovation, and I have been letting my own cats outside in the daytime, otherwise I would offer. I know that we have some TCS members in So. Cal. She sounds just like my cats (very affectionate & talkative) so I know that she would make a welcome addition to any family. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could find some high school girl to take her for the year?! Then, when it was time for the girl to go off to college, Guapa would be coming back to you! If (God Forbid!) the time runs out, then IM me and we can work something out that would ensure Guapa to be safely here in the States waiting for you. But I will be hoping & praying that Guapa will get a placement where there are fewer cats than what I have (I have 5 + my daughter's cat)
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Thanks for the encouragement. Still trying to find someone.
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:: I was checking this post to see if you'd found anyone yet. Have you tried calling the local senior centers? I just know, in my heart of hearts, that there must be at least several great home out there that could help you out! Another possiblity might be to call an association that helps out people with disabliities - there are so many people who'd love a cat but SSI just doesn't pay enough for them to enjoy that luxury, since you'd provide the food & vet costs, that would solve that problem; also, Guapa would have someone at home with her all the time.
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Just a follow up:

I finally found a nice couple to take care of Skunky. They have 2 boy cats and seem to be true cat lovers. I found them thru a Japanese site they have here geared to Japanese living in Los Angeles.
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