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Speaking of vacuum cleaners.. Oreck?

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Do the Oreck vacuum cleaners really work? I couldn't sleep at all last night, it's sooooo hot here!! So I ended up watching an Oreck infomercial last night after the History Channel show I was watching was over. The Oreck Hypo-Allergenic XL Deluxe, or something like that, was the vacuum cleaner they were pitching. It came with a bunch of free stuff- like a small portable vacuum and an iron, plus a year's worth of vacuum bags. It was like $500, so similar in price to the almighty Dyson, although with so much free stuff they really made it sound tempting.

The epinions.com reviews were all good, but I figured I'd ask you guys
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I just checked, mine's an Oreck 40th Anniversary edition, the XL model. I did not buy mine; while I was in the hospital, my mom watched my cats & my house for me. She got REAL SICK of having to clean off cat fur from 'everything' and wanted something lightweight to clean off cushions, the sofa, pillows, etc. and something that would be easy to maneuver under tables & such, on the steps...

So she left it here. I tell ya it's awesome. I've no clue what she paid for it, but it's been a blessing. A TOTAL BLESSING. I have 6 cats, and 2 of them are long-haired. Snickers himself is a Fur Farm. He is like a walking shag rug. He loses SO MUCH fur, it gets all over (and it's black!). I run my Oreck twice a week; it's so easy I could do it daily, really.

I highly recommend the smallness of the vac itself - it reaches between chair legs so ya don't have to pile your chairs on top of the table; it is great on steps; it's lightweight (8 pounds? that's lighter than my cats!), and changing the bag is a breeze. Also, in the past 6 months, I've gone through one belt. The belts, they are stored on the underside of the vac; they are very easy to replace. You just pop the old belt off and wind the new one on.

Also you can easily reorder a 3-pack of belts through oreck.com, it was only $6 with shipping. They also offer packages where you get the bags (hypo allergen type) + the belts for a certain, low price.

I hope my Oreck lives forever! I used to hate vacuuming, mainly cuz the sweeper was so big & clunky. This is great though, in just an hour's time my whole house looks unfurry!

Then a few days later I do it again... hehe...

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My roommate and I have an Oreck and it's great! Ours is a hand-me-down from her mom and is somewhere in the vicinity of 10 years old!!! It's really light, can lay all of the way flat so it can get into places you can't get with other vacuums, and always has powerful suction. Oreck's seem to last forever and work wonderfully throughout their entire life!
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I was in a toss up between the two, I went with the dyson, but i think the oreck is good. The thing that won me over..is well..the dyson is bagless. and I suck at changeing bags.
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I'm bumping this up

I'd really love a Dyson, but I also love free stuff. That hooks me for sure. Free hand vacuum and free clothes iron? And free bags? That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me! I remember Scamperfarms talking about the payment plans they have and I saw that they can actually charge your own credit card. My debit card is a Visa, so there wouldn't be any finance fees- plus it would be $36 bucks for 14 months. So tempting! If they still have this offer going in August, when I move I might take it up. I think it was on shoporeck.com rather than their regular website.

Does anyone else have an opinion on Oreck?
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Yup they do have the payment plan and the free stuff. I already have all the things they offered in one form or another So I guess thats why I went for the dyson. I have realtives that have Orecks however and love them..hehe if it would have been bagless I woulda gone for it

hehehe....I am sure they will still have the offer in August..its been on for a while.
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I don't have a handvac and my iron is starting to break down! My vacuum also doesn't pick up at all anymore- thank God I have a carpet cleaner!
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hehehe yeah sounds like you need the free stuff! I dont use my iron much, LOL........honestly i just hang my stuff uip when i shower.
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Our workshirts are supposed to be ironed and starched and blindingly white! the new iron would come in handy, especially since I'm transfering to a new restaurant which has higher standards in dress
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