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New Vac, Hoover Fusion

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I posted a couple weeks ago about the Dyson, I have been wanting one for a while now and had almost ordered one and then tonite I went to Walmart and they had a new vacuum called the Fusion, that claims not to lose suction like the Dyson claims. Well I bought it, it was 128.00 and it works so well! I'm totally surprised at how much it picks up. It operates the same as a Dyson, but seems cheaper made but it works great. I'm gonna try it a few days and see how I like it. No filters to change, and lots of suction. It even has the turbo tool with it. It isnt on the Hoover website, I was on a vacuum cleaner forum the other day looking at reviews and found out about it there. I guess its just a really new product that Hoover is producing, kind of like a Dyson, but without the pricetag.
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I wonder if Hoover will get sued by Dyson again...or if they finally licensed the technology...

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My barn manager has one. The blue and red one? she likes it. I love my dyson tho..hehe
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I wanted the Dyson too, the newer one and saw this one and decided to give it a try, I still may return it if it isnt quite what I'm looking for in a vac, but I am totally amazed by the stuff that came out of my daughters area rug in her room. So far it works good, but I only got it today. I vacuum everyday, I have a dark sofa with lots of cats that sleep on it and hopefully it will get the hair off of it really well with the turbo tool. I just have a hard time letting go of 500 dollars right now. I could charge it but really dont want to do that.
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Malynn, I think your post is very timely.....we have tons of cat fur just floating around waiting to get sucked up!!!
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It's time for a new vac here, we have two a dyson and a commercial.
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Yeah I couldnt come off the 500 either, so I got it on ebay for 230 hehehehe...but i am a stinker of a shopper that way!
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Well, back to the store it goes today, my husband looked it over and we decided to shell out the big bucks for the Dyson, this one just doesnt look like a quality vac. Oh well, I had to see for myself. It may last or may not so we are gonna go ahead and make sure we get one that will.
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Well..congrats on getting the dyson I had to convince steve it was a good buy once i got it home and vaced with it! we like you, vac everyday with all the critters. which one are you getting? the animal one?
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