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If you had a million dollars...

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How would you spend it?

I thought this would be a fun question.

First, I would spend it on the furbabies, of course. The biggest cat tree in the world, a cat spa, weekly massage, and a sandbox for a litterbox.

Then, I'd buy a house for when I am an adult, a red converdable, and my own computer.

How about you?
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id buy a house for john and i... a new car for both of us (maybe a HUMMER for me and the Tacoma he wants so bad ) a new digi cam, and i'd furnish our house with everything i want from lol
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I'm boring. I'd pay off our credit card debt, take a trip to Australia and the South Pacific, enroll in flight school, and invest the rest.
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I'd use it to buy a house here where I live...and with the chump change left over I'd buy a new couch. I'd probably be out of money after that. (Median home price in San Diego is ~ $600,000.)
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HHHmmm If I had a million dollars, I would pay off my house, suv, car, and credit cards. Then I would remodel my basement, have a sun-room built with whirlpool, and I would take a long relaxing vacation with my family.
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I would purchase a peice of land. a large one, build a house, and a barn, fence it in. get some more quality stock...and well. in short start my breeding farm all in one swoop instead of bit by bit like now.
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These are all intesting.
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Before or after taxes?

Well, I would first pay off all my debt. Then I would establish a no-kill cat shelter that would also give scholarships to veterinary students if they donated a minimum of 1000 hr of work for each year they are in school. Every state in the U.S. would have a chance to apply for the shelter grants. Then I would invest 100,000 of it to compound interest earnings, and reinvest in the priciest real estate I could find, giving the interest to cat rescue organizations. I would also buy a small house for me and my family, and build a wing for kitties.
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You know I honestly don't know. Probably bank it until I was older!
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Much like everyone else I guess, the new house, new car, go on vacation for a while, splurge on the kitty, not anything wierd though.
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Modify my mustang to run 9s, buy a 2003 Cobra, a 93 Cobra R, a 95 Cobra R, a 2000 Corba R, 96 Porsche 911 Turbo... a house in Washington and then pay off all my debts for college tuition. Of course I'd save some for the kitties and my family
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I find all these anwsers really neat to read.
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I would pay off my student loan and other debts, as well as my fiance's. I'd also buy a new Jetta or a Mini Cooper, nothing too crazy there. I'd put the rest in savings for when we decide to buy a house, or possibly go ahead and buy a house. My fiancee's grandparents own several rental properties and their tenents love them so much that they have a long waiting list. The rental fees have long since payed off the mortgages, and now it's just like extra retirement money for them- this is a goal that we have for ourselves eventually. I'd also probably go for the $4,000 honeymoon in Jamaica!
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I'd buy a good house (about 200k) with two bedrooms (three preferably) on preferably 10 or more acres... I'd buy a small afordable car that doesnt eat the money gaswise, heck an electric hybrid or whatever..

I'd buy stocks in oil, because its bound to just go up...

then I would split my money to go to different banks and collect interest.. maybe buy some diamonds so my money isnt all liquidated...

I would have to go a bit crazy with furnishings though...

I aboslutely love DARK natural wood furnishing.. ones you can see the wood grain and knots on, and hasnt been polished/coated in plastic.. oh yeah..

the yard would be fenced in..

and my cats would have a super room all to themselves!!!!

it would be cool.

hm.. maybe I also would buy a string of apartment housing and collect the rent... sounds like a good idea People are born every day, and they need homes..

I think I would like to take 100k and see if I could make more money splitting it up into 50k and making two CD's with a long life span....
the longer the span the more interest
(cds are where you put money into the bank and cant take it out for so many years or you get a hefty fee) if I could make more interest by dividing the money down more I would... of course there would be ap oint where I would make less.. but there is a simple math equation to figure that out (though I cant remember it at the moment but a graph is in my mind)

You could make alot of money off of cds..
for example.. if I put 100,000 in the bank for...30 years... at.... ten percent intrest every ten years.. I would make 30,000 by just letting it sit I could live off of that.. yeah.. heck I live off of like 9,000 now.. because I live with my mom and she makes only about 16-20k a year..

oh sorry.. I believe its COD's not CDS cirtificates of deposit..
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I'd head straight to a financial advisor and have him help me figure a way to set up an account for my daughter (for college) and make sure she's set for at least the start of her adult life.

Then I'd pay off my mortgage. I LOVE my house so I'm staying put! Then I'd pay off my parents house & their cars. I'd fence in my backyard & have a pool put in, a nice one. I'd have my deck ripped out & put a bigger on in, one that can hold a hot tub somewheres on it. I'd fence in my neighbor's yard for them, since their 4 dogs run free, and my neighbor is pretty much my best friend now. I'd pay off all the taxes they owe so they don't lose their house.

Let's see... I'd keep my car cuz I love it and it's paid for, and I wouldn't want something I'd have to worry about. Prolly buy a boat and something to tow the thing with since my car doens't have the b@lls to tow anything.

Finish off my ugly, leaking, smelly basement... turn it into a colorful, eclectic bar.

I'd quit my job, but only after I found someone who could take care of my guys the way I do. Then I'd open a no-kill animal shelter in my city, that accepts all pets; dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, ferrets. Hire a vet to be on-site & hire only really loving people. Have adopt-a-thons every weekend where I get to stand in front of people & sing the praises of loving a cast-off pet.

And after the house is all updated & everyone is comfy, my shelter is running smoothly, hire a sitter for my kitties, and take my daughter to some really fun, awesome place for a whole week. Just me and her! And buy every stupid little thing we can think of.

Then come home and enjoy my paid off house & my new, fun job...

dang it is FUN TO DREAM!!! til then I'll just go swimming in debt instead of a pool, sing the praises of loving cast-off pets to my friends & strangers, and plan on a cheap vacation at some point with my daughter.
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Seems to me I need about that much to spend on my sickly kitty.
Seriously, would be very nice to have a million $. Hey, I would be happy with a thousand extra.
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A million doesn't go aa far as it used to. I'd sink it into some safe investments, that would pay a me a decent income and retire at 50, instead of my planned 62.

I just read an article about this and and initial investment of $1 million will pay $40,000 for the first year and then decrease by about 3% per year after that (adjusted for inflation). With my widow's pension, company pension and 401(k) income, I'd live comfortably and still have a bit of disposable income.

As long as I have a decent home, a good car, pets and shoes, I'm content.
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If I won a million dollars or more I would build a house outside of the city then I would pay off our car and buy a new one to replace the old car. Then I would buy my parents a new house, pay off my mom's car and buy my dad a pickup truck since he's always wanted one.
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I spend the half in organizated a TCS Reunion .....
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Originally Posted by joanne511
I'd use it to buy a house here where I live...and with the chump change left over I'd buy a new couch. I'd probably be out of money after that. (Median home price in San Diego is ~ $600,000.)
So california here to, I lived in San Diego are you sure you can buy anything for that million The cost of real estate is the stupiest thing I have ever seen.
I'm glad I bought a new one 5 yrs ago I'd like to sell it, we could make a nice amount but where are you going to go
Actually I would have to really think about a million dollars, I don't know of anything I would buy at the moment, let's wait and see I imagne I could find a little something to get
If a million were enough I'd try and save all the kitty's and other animals
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I would start by paying the rent on my apartment for the next few years so I wouldn'th ave to worry about that month-to-month. Then, I would open a savings account and put a hefty sum in there that was designated specifically for paying for my master's degree and PhD. I would get a new car, probably a pretty nice one, like a BMW or something and use that as my daily driver. I wouldn't buy a house because I don't plan on doing that until I'm at least near being married, so I can go into it with my future husband. Plus, I don't plan on staying in Orlando forever so buying a nice house here wouldn't make sense for me. I'd probably buy myself some new clothes and I'd definitely go on a trip to Fiji for a couple of weeks with Brendan and a couple of our closest friends (it just so happens that his closest friends are both dating two of my closest friends, so it works out nicely). Most of the money; however, would go into various mutual funds and be left to grow there. I would also probably invest in just a few bonds (a couple of safe ones like utilities and a couple of riskier municipal ones) to make sure I've got pretty good diversification. I'd keep working with my investments and let them grow so that I would end up with a good amount of earnings.

That sure would be nice!
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Very likely get a little nicer house, to please Betty, not me, for I could be happy in a cave as long as I have her, but I get the feeling that she would be a little happier with maybe 2,500 sq' instead of the 1,500 we have now.

That's about it, I might get a new 4-wheeler for my grandson so I would have someone to go riding with me, but then my parasitical children would start screaming, ME TOO ! ! ME TOO ! !, and I would find that a little hard to handle.

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I like this question!

I'd invest a lot of it so that there'd be a million forever ... or at least so that we could retire early.

First, I'd buy my family whatever they wanted. Then I'm guessing we would give up our current jobs and go off traveling around the world. We'd still camp and "rough it" - that's part of the fun - but not having to worry about running out of money soon would be great.

Once we'd been everywhere we wanted to visit, we'd maybe buy a house somewhere near water, with a bit of land so that we could have horses, dogs and cats!
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Originally Posted by winwin
Very likely get a little nicer house, to please Betty, not me, for I could be happy in a cave as long as I have her
That's so sweet Leonard. What a lucky lady Betty is
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Today, honestly? I'd take it all, grab my cats and run away from reality!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
I spend the half in organizated a TCS Reunion .....
I always love your posts, CoolCat, but this one is the best! It would be great to all meet up somewhere together, wouldn't it!

If I had a million dollars, I would level my house and start over! I would build a beautiful house to replace it. Or give it to a friend, and start over on a new piece of land in the same school district!

Then pay off all the bills, buy new cars, including a 69 Mustang for dh (or is it a 67?). College for all 4 kids. Some cash to each of my siblings, to share the wealth. And research a good charity that helps the people of Africa, whether the Sudan or elsewhere. Send about $100,000 to them!

I would love to quit my job and travel, but I might be over budget by now!

Fun question, Jenny!
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I'd pay off my student loans and pay back my BF what I owe him for our last vacation.

I'm with those others in SoCal, houses here are a tad expensive so I'd get a nice down payment, but I don't think I'd buy it outright.

Then maybe I'd open an Animal Sanctuary for Companion animals. I'd like a way to make money though... I'd have to think about it hard, but I'd want to start some sort of Non-Profit involved in animal welfare.
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I'm thrilled you guys like this question! These anwsers are really cool!
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