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Help! Two litters at once!

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I have two litters of kittens--only 2 days apart. When (if I even should) introduce the kittens? They are 2 weeks old and will (I assume) be walking around before too long. Any advice is helpful!

Also, when should I begin giving them "mushy food?"

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Are these motherless kittens? If so, putting them together right away will lessen the stress on them. They should be bottle fed if they are motherless- mothers replacement milk and their bottoms stimulated with a warm wet cloth so they can eliminate the food.......Sorry if you know this already, but thought I would pass it on in case you didn't.
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I moved this to health and nutrition, I hope that's okay...because it didn't seem quite right in the cat lounge...and more people who can answer your questions will see it here....although it's not intirely about health and nutrition..some of it is about behavior (as in when to introduce the kittens....) but I hope this works out okay here.
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Well, if you dont have the moms then its a different story, but if the moms are together and know each other, now would be fine. The kittens wont bother each other, it may be an over protective mom. As for the food, they can start getting the "gruel" or wet food at about 5 weeks while mom is still feeding them. Once they start eating, you can gage how much they eat from mom still. Hope that helps a little..more info about the situation would be great!!
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