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Possibly moving.. cat question.

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Ok. Due to recent events.. I am most likely moving back home (for the time being). I am worried though.. I would be living in the basement and there are stairs.. which aren't enclosed. Not only are there spaces between each step which any of my 3 cats could fall through but one side is not closed.

Should I be worried? There is really no way to close them off. What should I do?

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Most cats are very agile, and won't fall through open stairs. I bet they will love it, like a big cat tree!
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ditto^ im sure they will be fine...my cat can climb a latter with little to no problem. they may fall through while playing once or twice but it will make them not want to play there anymore
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I'm just worried because I have two little ones (about 7 weeks old) and they can be clumsy. The stairs go pretty high.. I wouldn't want them falling from the top.

I am such a worry wort when it comes to them so my apologies in advance! lol
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They'll freak you out regularly, but they will be fine. We have stairs between main floor and basement that are not enclosed, 13 stairs split with a landing halfway and then they make a 180 and continue in the other direction, and have a wrought iron railing that Fawn in particular regards as her private jungle jim.

We also have a flight of 13 stairs from the back porch down to the yard, open on the side away from the house. This was rebuilt a few years ago, and previously had open stairs, i.e. only treads, no back.

For all of the 15 years we've been here there have been cats (including little kittens) to-ing and fro-ing on both of these staircases, with never a mishap, despite their cavalier attitude toward the stairs and railings.
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Well thank you guys. *sigh of relief* I do feel a little better now. lol

I am looking into getting them a neat cat tree as to deter them from playing on the stairs. I'm sure they'll be happy. lol

Thanks again!
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