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Which to get boy? girl?

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Hi to you all, i need a little advice, i have a 12 week old tom cat called "Ozzy"
the problem is he is so hyper, he has every cat toy on the market but he plays with them for a short time then gets board and that's when he goes a bit crazy! im thinking of getting him a play mate i no it should be a doodle introducing them as i intend on trying to get another kitten roughly the same age but would it be better to buy another tom or a little girl kitten?
Thanks for reading, hope you can help.

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I cant tell you.. I have had both .. I have had male and female that worked ... male and female that DIDnt work and female and female that is okay.. I would wait till baby has all shots then take him to say Petsmart where he can see other kitties thru plexie glass he may pick a buddy.. My Zoey has chosen my dog and the dog next door
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most people reccomend that you do not get female female.. but since your cat is male you dont ahve to worry..

if you are nto sure on how territorial your boy is, the best thing to do would be to get a female


Get another HYPER kitty! Dont go for one because it is "So quiet and cute and gentle"

not only will your cat still be hyper, but the kitten wont appreciate his trying to play with her/him all the time....it doesnt have to be a super hyper kitty..

but mabye one taht you can initate play with in a short time....

wherever you adopt your next from should be able to tell you which cats might be a bit hyper active..

trust me, they will wear each other out

I used to hve the same problem as you but then I got Aerowyn, and both my cats are hyper together and play together, and then the rest of the time they are good and calm
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Either male or female, but BigOrange gave good advice on temperament -- get another active kitten so they play with each other a lot.
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at 12 weeks the sex of the other kitten wont matter so much. they see all kittens as potential play mates.

i'd say get a female because its nice to have one of each.
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Thanks for all your advice, i will let you no how i get on with my hyper kitty.
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A toy I bought today that my kitten (who is a bit more hyper than elliot) loves to play with this this little wand thing.. it is three plastic sticks I had to screw together, and on the end there is a suction cup.. I just licked the cup, stuck it on the door on the glass... and then let the magic begin! It has a string on the other end which ends in a feathery/furry bell toy...

Aerowyn played with that thing for FOUR hours straight!!!

SHe would play with it, bouncing and jumping and freaking out.. for about 20 minutes.. and then sit panting for about ten, and do it all over again! I eventually just took it down because I dont want her sitting underneath it all night, wearing herself out... but it would be a good toy to give to your cats because you dont have to hold it! I put it about two inches above my cat Elliot's head because he is taller, and he loves to play with it too, though not as much as she does SHe is extremely pooped out right now too
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