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Dry eye

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I noticed today that my cat Taby has a dry 'patch' on his eye, don't know how to describe it, I thought it was related to a tiny scar he has so I took him to the vet, we came back a little while ago. He was diagnosed with Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) or Dry Eye (I just checked online and that's the name, in Spanish it's Querato Conjuntivitis Seca) on his left eye.

When he explained what it was and prescribed some ointment I thought it could be cured. When I continued asking I realized it can't. Basically his left eye isn't producing enough tears so it dries up and it can affect the cornea. I was stunned. If he doesn't have that treatment he could be blind in 3 years time, what the treatment does is slow the process down. I guess no one can know for sure how bad it can/will get, but it breaks my heart to think that he'll be blind eventually. A blind dog I have seen, but a cat? He spends 60% of his time outside. I couldn't help it and started crying right there. I hate that, when you can't control it. I was just on the phone and I couldn't even explain it to my sister, I can't talk about it. :/

He prescribed an ointment Optimmune. It's really expensive and really hard to find. He said he was going to order it, but I have to start looking ASAP. I guess I could have a friend send it to me from the US. In the mean time I'll give him artificial tears twice a day. He said this would slow the process and help, but there's no real cure.

I know it could've been worse and that there are far worse things happening in the world, but to me this is so awful. He's the only pet I've ever had, he's only a year old. I have to do research on this, I was about to read this but I'm going to wait a little bit. I saw something about surgery but I doubt that's done here in Venezuela, so don't think that's an option.

That's it. I just needed to vent. If anyone knows anything about this condition it'd be great to hear what you've to say.
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Please don't be distressed if your cat does go blind. Blind kitties are delightful! Yes, they are a challenge at first, but once they get used to your home, it smooths out well. You will have an advantage, your cat will already know the home if he goes blind.

This is Tag, he and his sister Marbles were born from a momcat was exposed to distemper and died during the birthing. Neither he nor Marbles had any eye sockets, and they were both wonderful, wonderful kitties. Sadly, Marbles also had brain damage and Tag had other problems so they did not live as long as they really should have- Tag loved to sit in Kenai's food bowl- LOL

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Aww that is so sad, so he will be blind in just one eye? or both. If it is just one, then its not so bad, he will adjust. But both, will probably be a little harder, as long as you don't move often or move furniture often, he should be ok after awhile. Plus, he will gradually be going blind, so he can adjust along with it.

I was going to suggest Clear Eyes or Artificial Tears because that is what I use on my Himalayan. I would gradually let him outside less and less. Don't do it all at once. Plus, is he neutered? He won't want to roam outdoors quite as badily if he is neutered, at least hopefully he won't. All cats are different. Good luck and maybe he won't go blind for a long time, you never know.
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Well he has it in one eye now, but the vet spoke as it would probably spread to the other. The treatment he gave me was for both eyes.

He is neutered. I keep him in at nights, he sleeps inside most of the day but does go outside and plays with his cat friend for across the street all evenings/nights. We've a big garden so he spends quite a lot of time there. It'd be hard to keep him in since the house has many windows, doors and all that. I guess we'd have to think of a way if it comes to that.

Yeah, perhaps it will be years. That's the thing, I don't think you can know for sure and I just keep thinking ahead and getting depressed. But you're right, who knows.

Thanks for the replies!! That picture is really sweet hissy. I'm sure they were wonderful. What worries me is that he'd go blind, he won't be able to do the things he did, but if it happens it will be gradually, like Jen said, so I guess he could adjust. I don't know if it's for sure that this will happen, I hope treatment really helps!
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Don't stress out about it, just live in the moment with him. Cats are quite resilient- chances are you will be harder about the blindness that your cat will be.
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Maddie only has one eye, and her remaining eye is very cloudy. She was found as a babe with both eyes infected, they could only "save" one eye. That said, you would never know for a minute that she is sight challenged. She runs,she jumps, she terrorizes Franz, she has never "lost" her food or water bowl. I mean look at her pic in my signature does she not look contented.

The only time her eye fails her is when we play with the laser toy. She can't see it, but she ends up making her own game. Franz is jumping around like a nut with the laser, but Maddie off course can't figure out why Franz has lost his marbles, so she jumps all over him. Soon after that highjinks ensue!

Your baby will be fine...Maddie sends him a kiss!
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Originally Posted by hissy
Don't stress out about it, just live in the moment with him. Cats are quite resilient- chances are you will be harder about the blindness that your cat will be.
I guess that's true. Thanks!

Interesting how a blind cat can still do all that. Maddie looks really cute, so does Franz! Thanks for sharing.
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