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Problems with Kitten

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Okay, I know I should've known better, BUT, I brought home a stray kitten last night. He looks to be about 7 weeks old, with siamese coloring. He was very sweet and cuddly until he saw my dog. This kitty freaked out and bit me while trying to get away from the dog (I was holding Kitty at the time).
Also, he tends to hide under furniture and hiss or growl if anyone comes near him. Once we get him out (using food), he is sweet and cuddly with us.
I understand kitty is scared, and it will take a while for him to adjust to his new environment. However, I need to know how we should go about dealing with his scared behavior. Do we let him hide and decide when he's coming out, or do we make him come out and socialize?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OH--and he does come out to eat, when no one's around. Also, I've already been seen by the doctor for the cat bite. And he's going to get his vaccinations tomorrow.


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You can't really make cats to do anything, LOL. No, let him be-he will come out when he is good and ready. What kind of dog do you have? Be careful with that, some dogs can hurt or even kill cats.
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I would let him be but gently introduce dog to him... I have had many breeds of dog and all have gotten along with cats though some needed extra supervision just cause the were rough... the two that needed extra were a pitt bull/ shepard and my Yorkie Gigi
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He is still a BABY and you expect him to warm up to you right away? He has seen a big scary dog which by nature's design he is prey to. He is scared and rightly so. Put him in a nice warm room, give him a comfy bed in a box, make sure he has food and let him adjust to his world being completely changed. Don't force yourself on him, don't peer under the bed or anywhere else he is hiding. Just leave him be, give him food, water, and litter pans and just let him get used to his new surroundings.
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Thanks! My dog is a cocker spaniel, but he's as sweet and docile as they come. He just doesn't understand why the kitty won't play with him.

Well, since my post last night, we have managed to get the kitty out from behind the couch, and he has been sweet and loveable ever since. He probably is just adjusting; I just have never had a kitten freak out like this before. Then again, he is a stray, so who knows how much human contact he's had so far, if any? I think things will be okay. Thanks everyone, for your replies!
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our newest girl jade whom athena brought home is adjusting. she stays in the bedroom, that is her safe place. during the day while i am home i open the door and let her come in and out if she wants. somedays she will somedays she wont. she hisses at the dogs, and other cats but they are warming up to eachother. give the little one some time.
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My new boy, Rocky, was a stray for I don't know how long..He is a year old (just confirmed by the vet)...He is a snugglebug, but all day long he will sleep under my bed.
(As soon as I leave he darts under there, and will only come out when I have been home for 5 minutes).

He doesn't like the looks or sounds of daylight. I feel that this was probably the most vulnerable time for him and he would come out at night when on the streets so he could find something to eat.

But this kitten is a baby and will need some comfort time for awhile before she is a dog lover, if at all. I would give her her own space, bed, litter, and let her adjust naturally..(ie, don't pull her or force her out).

Good luck!
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