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Hello All,
My friend suggested I join this site. My name is Lisa. I'm a stay at home mom to 5 yr old twin girls. My other girls are my cats. Jasmine is a 6 yr old Siamese and Chloe is our baby at 7 months old. She is a calico. The cats are about as spoilded as my daughters are. But they are a joy to have in our home and my daughters love them and love helping to take care of them.

As soon as I figure out how to post a picture I will post pictures of all my girls.

Hope to meet lots of wonderful people here. Happy Holidays.
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Welcome! You've found your way to the best group of cat people collected in one spot! You'll have fun, no doubt!

Pictures must be JPEG format and resized to be not larger than 400x400 pixels. Then, at the bottom of a thread post, you can attach it. This may be frustrating, as it will keep bouncing you back if your pic is too large, but there are also tons of people that can help with these things too.

Looking forward to pics of all!

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Welcome to the site!! I see you have already met out resident "psycho" Bill!!! ha ha ha ha ....(just kiddin' Billy boy ) This is a great site with loads of wonderful people!! Can't wait to see your pics!! If you need any help with the pics- just give me a shout!!
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WOW yet another new member - WELCOME !!!

You'll find that these are the greatest bunch of people you'll ever meet. YES, pics definately PICS!!

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Ok Hell603.... now I just have to ask....how the hec do you get those new smilies on here!!??!! I tried my simple method of cut/paste...but it didn't work....but then I didn't really expect it to!! ha ha ha
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Try this website, cut and paste the code of the smily you want.

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Oh man..... ok call me the dumbest person in the world....but I was trying to cut/paste the actual picture!!! DUH DUH DUH!!! ha ha haha ha ha....now I know!! Thanks!!
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hehehehe I have been wanting to use this smilie on someone!!! hehehehehe
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Hi, and welcome! I lived in KC for awhile myself. I miss it terribly! Lucky you!
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Welcome to you! I hope you found bill's advice helpful in posting pictures. Any other questions, feel free to post then here. Hope to see you posting often.


Great link for the smilie site!
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:flower: :bubbly: :rainbow: :baloon:
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Welcome welcome welcome Lisa, this is a wonderful site with some truely wonderful caring people I hope you enjoy it as much as I do
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Hi! Welcome to the site. You will love it here. I've been here since April and love it!
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Hi, Lisa in KC.

I'm also an at-home mom with 2 cats, tho' I have only one girl but she is 5 years old.

Welcome to the site, and enjoy your time here!
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Welcome Lisa!

You've definately come to the right place if you want lots of helpful info on cats, loving supportive people, and a multitude of fun! :laughing2

Look forward to seeing pics of your furfaces!
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Happy Holidays and welcome to TCS!!
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Welcome to the best site on the web!

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Welcome, Lisa!!! Wow...5 year old twin girls must keep you awfully busy!! I am really glad you have joined us here!
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