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Tater Dude has been throwing up a lot lately. He has been doing this for a couple months and is also kind of skinny now. Getting him to the vet is almost impossible because his reaction to it is unlike any cat I've ever seen. He had a bad experience there when he was little. I believe that when he was neutered the vet didn't have him completely out and that Dude was awake and felt it because he hasn't walked right since and when we picked him up from the vet that same day, he was wide awake and VERY upset (all my other cats were very drowsy the day they were fixed); so ever since we have had a REALLY hard time getting him over there without him completely losing it. It gets to the point of him possibly hurting himself. So, now he seems to be sick. He's an orange, long-haired cat and his fur is very loose, but that doesn't look like what he's throwing up. There may be some fur in there, but mostly chunks. And, like I said, he has lost weight. We are going to go by the vet, without Dude, next week and ask him what he thinks. But, in the meantime, what do y'all think?