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Medicine Hat, AB, Canada FLOOD '05

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10 years to the week, we are having another flood, but thankfully no where near as bad as the last one!

The river should peak around 9PM tonight but it is STILL raining (over 2 weeks now) and have ANOTHER tornado watch, but well, what can you do?

You can read about everything there, as well here are some of the News' pics http://www.mysouthernalberta.com/med/flood/index.htm

Here are MY pics!
Not alot to show you because where I took these from is the only area you can get this close.

I cross this bridge everyday. I live on top of that hill in the background The water you are looking at isn't actually the river, it's a road The sign gives you an idea of how high the water is. That road is *usually* about 5 meters above the water level

More of what used to be the road

City Hall Parking? Not anymore...

A park and looking up the hill~

And about 2 minutes after I took the last pics the weather turned NASTY! I got back to my car before it really started though.

Can anyone send us some sunshine please?
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the weather has looked like that over here for the past couple of days
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Thanks for the pictures and links, Ashley! We went through a spring like that last year. I wish I could have some of your rain now.
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Yikes! Sorry you're having to deal with that. Unfortunately I don't have any sunshine to send you, it's been crappy here for about 2 weeks as well. Though certainly not NEARLY as bad as where you are!!
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Glad you're out of harm's way, but what a mess! I hope they're right about the peak, and that the rain stops soon. You'll have enough upheaval without prolonging it. Hang in there! I wish I could share some of our sun -- though I think I heard the weekend won't be so great -- I think I won't complain.
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Oh my lan! That's a lot of water!! Stay safe and HIGH up on that hill Ashley!
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