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I don't want to goooooooooooooooo!

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Ok, a non cat lover would think I'm cray, but I know you guys will understand. I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks for 2 weeks in Ibiza with my b/f. I am a bit excited, it's a holiday, after all. BUT, I don't want to leave Villy for two weeks I adopted her from a shelter in Feb this year, and I'd never had a cat before, but I love her sooooo much, and hate it when I have to go away. My boyf doesn't understand, he thinks I'm a bit daft
The lady that looked after Villy in the shelter is coming over twice a day to look after her as she lives opposite, but I'm stilll worried about how she'll be. I couldn't bear to put her in a cattery in case she thinks she's being adopted again. I'm tying myself up in knots over this
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im in the exact situation,
im leaving this sunday to sicily, but today i was out for 4 hours and he was sulking when we got home. my boyfriends mum is coming over each day for the animals because not only the cat there is the bunny and fishies and i just feel soo rotten when i leave!
I know he is going to be pissed at us when we get home though but i make sure im going to have loads of treats for him
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I know how you feel. Villy be fine, go away and enjoy yourself!
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I understand how you feel. She will be okay though.
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Some tips:

Take an old tee-shirt of yours and put it on- and go for a run, a bike ride, whatever you have to do to sweat up a storm. Do this the day before you are scheduled to leave. Put the tee-shirt in a plastic ziploc bag and tell the lady that is caring for your cat to give him the tee shirt the day after you leave.

Take some of your cat's favorite toys and sleep with them. Keep them close to your body under the blankets so your scent transfers to the toys. Put the toys in a ziploc bag and stick it in the freezer, ask whoever is taking care of your cats to give them one toy a day.

While you are gone, write to your cat- send a piece of white, plain paper to the caretaker- take the paper and rub it all over your forehead then stick it in the mail. Ask the caretaker to put the paper down on the ground for the cat to find.

Cat proof your home before you go. Make sure that all breakables are up and out of the way and that the cat can't get into any trouble while you are gone-
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Thanks guys, and thanks Hissy for the tips, I'll give them a try.
You all made me feel better
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Your boyfriend is right, you are a bit daft! But aren't we all!

I have cats, horses and a dog. Since we got married (12 yrs ago) we have only been away from home on vacation twice. It is so hard to find someone to take care of all our types of animals!

Although I love dh dearly, and prefer to be with him, it is way easier to go away for a few days if he stays home and takes care of everyone! LOL!
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[quote=Beckiboo]Your boyfriend is right, you are a bit daft! But aren't we all!QUOTE]

I agree! Last summer my parents wanted to go on holiday and I felt SO guilty letting Charley go to a cattery - she was 18 then and had never been to a cattery in her life before and there was no one available to come in every day

So I jumped on a plane (with boyfriend in tow!!) and flew to Ireland to look after the cat! Thankfully I have a very understanding boyfriend - he did still think I was daft though
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hehhe i dont go on holidays very often either....lol.....but when i do go for a day or two i have my mom and dad
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