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=Exciting New Breed=

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What an amazing cat. Haven't seen this information posted here yet.


from The Independent 13th Dec 2001

One of the uncontroversial qualities of the Internet is that it gives people the chance to share unique passions. Hence in this site, edited by experts from the International Sierra Cat Society and the Sierra Cat Club, genuine passion comes through in its design and the emphasis is on reader interaction. There is more than a little Doctor Doolittle in Sierra Breeder, George Randall's introduction to an animal known to "coo and chirp, and likes to jump and somersault". Information is in-depth, from a Beginners' Introduction with details and pictures on this exciting new breed, links to other sites, readers' letters and the chance to add your cat to the gallery, information and advice on breeding, Sierra qualities. Don't let the $2000 price fool you as pet quality animals can be found...

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WOWEEEE!! What a stunning picture!! Fab!! I want one!! Gimme Gimme!!
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It's so gorgeous! I love that face!
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OMG! What beautiful coloring and markings!!
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Oh, I want one! Can I have one? Can I. Can I? Can I?

What a beautiful cat. Looks like it's smiling. Does anyone know anything about these?
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I want to find out more about this breed too. Is there a link we could go to?
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It's a beautiful cat but I bet you that there is wild cats behind it just like the Bengal. I would like to learn more about it so if there is a link, please post it. Thanks.

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Looking at the picture, I bet that there is Serval behind it. It has the Serval head and ears.

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If that isnt Tiki, then its her long lost twin... :laughing2

Whats up Nightcrawler? :confused3

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It does look like it has Serval in it.
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Cleo: I am on the same wavelength as you. My baby boy Loki a 19 month old bengal - certainly coos and chirps up a storm!!!!!
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Tiki it is !!!! I just looked at some previous pictures of her and in my eyes it's a match!!
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I would be willing to bet the pic is one of Tiki with the face modified. I've seen a photo of Tiki that is identical to this one, same pose, background etc, but the face is different. Nitecrwlr?
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Yep, I was born during the day, but not yesterday! :laughing2

Ok Night...fess up
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Actually this breed is known as the Savannah, a cross between the servil and the Bengal, it appears as though there are about 8, possibly more, active breeders of F5 Savvanahs.

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Okay, I stand corrected.
But you have to admit, that pic looks a lot like NC's beautiful Tiki!

Its a breathtaking breed!
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Hey Cleo!! I thought it might have been Tiki too but I didn't say anything incase I looked DUMB!!! ha ha ha ha ha.... I thought I'd be the only one who didn't get it!!! ha ha ha ha.....now we look dumb together!! YEY!! Aren't you glad?!! hee hee
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I wish i could find the pic of Tiki that I was comparing it to..I used to have it saved. I swear that it is Tiki. I don't doubt thats an actual breed he was talking about, but the pic is just too similar. Where is Nitecrwlr? He needs to set us straight
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Kudos to those who guessed it was Tiki. I included a hint that it was a fake. Note the -jk- at the bottom of the original post. I hope nobody was offended.



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Hey those effects are soooo cool!!! Clever!
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The Tiki's nose gave it away for me - Good One Nite!!!!!!
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Whew...I was pretty sure that was her, heck, I had her kitten pic as my wallpaper for long enough! :laughing2 (with the leopard cloth)

So #### (insert game show hosts name here)...what did I win? :LOL:
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Tottaly excellent Photoshopping!! Did you know there was a breed that looked like that B4 you made it??

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Originally posted by Imagyne
Tottaly excellent Photoshopping!! Did you know there was a breed that looked like that B4 you made it??

Yes. I ran into the Savannah a few months ago on the net.
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Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky...
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Hi Nite,

I saw Tiki's picture on Webshots.com As soon as I saw her picture I told my friend at work who it was. She is a remarkable cat. Very beautiful!
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I've never posted it there. You sure it wasn't photopoint?
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I caught the -jk- at the bottom fo your original post. But i was in a mood and didn't feel like sharing
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Put 1 in my stocking for CChristmas please!
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Here's the link from webshots.


It sure LOOKS like Tiki. Please take a look and let me know.
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