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multiple accounts?

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My son would like to post here using my computer, but we aren't sure how to set him up? He gets such a kick out of reading our stories and feels he has a few to share also (hope I don't regret this :LOL: )

Problem is, when I open the site, it automatically logs me in...how do I avoid this and let him access his own account?

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Hi Cleo! All you have to do is scroll down the the bottom of the main forum page (the one listing all the forums) and there is a link that says "Log Out". Just make sure each of you logs out after your visit, then log back in (the log in will be in the same place at the bottom of the page) at the beginning of your visits. Sometimes my sister comes here and reads message under my account and it annoys me to no end since the forums are then marked as "read" and I can't tell which message are new since my last visit
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Under your User CP, you should also disable cookies. That way,. nobody will be logged in when you visit the site. Each person will have to log in themselves.
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