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How hard is pushing too hard?

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So my latest set of foster kittens are going up for adoption. One of my friends who hasn't expressed much interest in previous litters is eyeing my little grey boy. She wants him, but she's worried that she just wants him because he is an adorable kitten and may not be the best home for him when he is an adult.

I really, really, want her to take him. Because of my situation the shelter adopts out my fosters and I never get to meet the adopters. I know they find them good homes, but I would REALLY love to see one of them grow old with one of my friends.

She does have a small apartment and a nervous kitty, but I think one more cat won't make much difference, and her kitty might like having company.

So how hard is pushing too hard? I just sent her an e-mail outlining my thoughts on it, trying to be objective (he is a kitten, he will destroy things and get bigger). I'm not sure if that was pushing too hard...
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I dont think the email was pushing to hard. you are telling her the cons, and hopefully also the pros. Hopefully she goes towards the kitten, since she has been eyeing him already.
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I don't think it's pushing too hard if you're outlining both the pros and cons.
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Tell her every cat needs a buddy.
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I gave a co-worker a picture of my foster girl in a heart shaped frame to keep on her desk, to try to convince her to adopt Jill! She was flattered by the extra attention. However, she didn't end up adopting the cat .

Jill was special needs, somewhat feral, had bit and scratched me (when I pushed HER too hard), and my co-worker was aware of all the limitations with Jill.

I think if your heart tells you this is the right home for your kitten, go ahead and push a little!

P.S. Jill is doing much better now in another foster home!
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