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Found a Kitten

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This morning my mom saw a kitten in the driveway across the street, she called me outside and we found out it was just about 7-10 weeks old (we think). When I went up to it, it came practically running to me and I picked it up and he started purring. We didn't bring him in (though, we'd like to) but we don't know if he might have some illness and we have kittens, also. This kitten had a really swollen stomach and was wet near his eyes/cheeks. Since I am the only one home now I have no way to a vet. The quickest we could get him to one would be later this afternoon.

He (we think he is a he) can eat solid food because when he saw the bowl in my hands you could tell he knew what it was and he ate like he is starving (which I am sure he was). and he's a really big sweetie, he purrs when I hold him and doesn't want me to put him down.
Any suggetions until the vet visit about what to do with him? I have him in a cat carrier in the back yard with a towel and some food. He doesn't really like it in there, but I am afraid he will run away. And I am sure he needs to be checked over.
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Bringing a strange kitten in is always risky, but I do worry about leaving him outside. Is there a room you could isolate him in inside? Even the garage or something?

He should be fine in a carrier until you take him to the vet this afternoon.

I LOVE the kittens that purr when you pick them up.
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We don't have a garage or a spare bathroom. Or really anywhere inside we could put him. He's half asleep now in the carrier, and he ate most of the foot I gave him. What I'm worried about is his stomach is really swollen. I thought it might be from hunger but it could be something else?
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I'm no expert in this AT ALL so I'm hoping others will come back me up/set me straight. BUT... I know when my little kittens have eaten sometimes their bellies get pretty swollen. But I also know that puppies with big bellies often have worms...

... so really the vet is your best bet and if you are going this afternoon that is fantastic.
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If he wasn't scrawny and skinny it is possible he belongs to someone, or is part of a litter that someone is caring for outside. If you can take a photo of him and take it around to your neighbors to find out if they know who he belongs to. If you have an older sibling, they should go with you as well-
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Can you put him in a bathroom for the time being? It seems like a small space to us, but to a kitten it's still pretty big. Just put the food and water on one end of the bathroom, and the litterbox on the other end.

Most likely, the big stomach is because of worms, so your vet will give him a de-wormer. It's really important to keep kitten separated from the others until the worms are gone because they will infect your other kitties too if they can. But just keeping the new kitten in a separate room should be enough. The new kitten could also feel a bit under the weather after getting the de-worming medication, because it is a mild poison (to kill the worms), so he may just sleep a lot.

I hope this helps, and thank you for caring for this little one!
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While I am also concerned about this kitten being outside, I strongly caution you against bringing him inside until he has received a clean bill of health from your vet. The swollen stomach could also be effusive FIP and until you know for certain, you are running a great risk by even handling him - make sure you wash your hands and upper arms with an antibacterial soap and the hotest water you can stand, change your clothes after you have handled him and under no circumstances bring him inside your home until after your vet tells you he is OK.

That all now being said, make sure the carrier you have him in is out of the sun and that he has a cool place in the shade to rest. Check his water dish frequently and as Hissy has accurately pointed out - someone may be missing this little one. Ask around your neighborhood and see if anyone is missing a kitten. It may be that he already has a family.
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I would have to agree with Gayef. It's pretty risky to bring him in. When we find a stray, we put them in our utility room, which is where we come in (though there is a second way), and is a place the cats absolutely CANNOT go. If you have no room like this, I'd just keep him where he is... IMO, that would be best. The swollen stomach could be a sign of hunger, but it could also be from very serious, contagious diseases.
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I found out where he had came from. He/she does not have a home and is from a litter of strays. I know this because the house next door is vacant and I saw a mom and another kitten near the back yard his size. The kitten she has looks alost exactly like the one that we found, except coloring. I assumed because of whatever he might have, the mother must've sensed it and abandoned him. I put him near the spot they are and she smelled him and ran back under the house. I also know who the father cat might be, as I've seen one exactly like the one we found hanging around every once in a while (he's got a pursian kind of it's smooshed w/ a little short nose)

I do actually wash my hands/arms with soap and I changed clothes after I handled him. I was so paranoid about giving my kittens/cats anything that I was very thorough with washing my hands.

I am going to take him to the vet tomorrow because thats when we'll have some money. The people already know we're coming and it'll be pretty cheap to treat him with whatever he might have. I have also noticed his eyes are pretty cloudy.
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Bless you for caring enough to take this baby to the vet! I hope he will be okay. Is there any way for you to trap the Mom and Dad, so they don't keep reproducing?
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She went to the vet this morning. I didn't go but I got a full update on her. The kitten (Who we name Lulu, we're keeping her) is a girl and she has worms and a respiratory issue. Everything is treatable and she is on her way to recovery. Today after they gave her some medicine, she was definetly more energetic and happy. We're not going to introduce her to our kittens/cats until she is all the way recovered (few weeks, we are also keeping the three kittens Julie had). I am so releived that everything is treatable and she will be a fine healthy kitty real soon.
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Great news! Welcome Lulu.
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Awww congrats for Lulu.. its sounds like she has found herself a wonderful loving home
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She is still on the way to getting better. Today she even actually played alot. We changed her name when the name Lucy came to my mom. So that's her name.
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