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Hi. I have two cats, Rose and Fisher they are 3 years old and litter mates. I have known them since the day they were born and love them very much! I will try and get some pictures up today. This site is great and offers a wealth of information, which I need. I have recently been chosen by a family of stray cats to care for them. There is a Mom, Dad, 3 kittens, and a litter on the way... Dad found me and felt me out for a couple of weeks, then introduced me to the whole clan. Mom and kittens will not let me touch them yet but I am working on it...
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Hi, and welcome! There is a wealth of info here, that's for sure! If you need any assistance, feel free to pm me and ask, ok? Hope to see you around the boards !
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS! If you need anything, just PM me!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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welcome To TCS! I am donna proudly owned by 3 wonderful furkids!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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