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can anyone help me please

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Hi Guys,
i'm new to this website, and wondered if anyone could give me some advice. i have a one year old male cat and have just got a 7 week old female kitten. I'm keeping them seperate and have tried introducing them, it seemed to go ok and they were both playing, but TJ (one year old male) kept biting the young one so i seperated them again and TJ attacked me! . However after a short while he was ok. Can anyone give me some tips on how best to handle this situation. Anything would be of a great help to me. Thanks
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Welcome to TCS...have you read this thread:


Sounds like you are trying to introduce them too fast....cats need time to adjust to each other.

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My boy Garfield and girl Festus were 1 year old in April. They grew up together since about 8 weeks. They love each other, and mostly get along great, but he loves to wrestle and bite at her neck. I think young male cats just LOVE to play rough!

Hopefully he is neutered, that can help some. First use TNR's pointers for introduction. Then, after they are friends, be sure to watch that he is not too rough with her. Sometimes Festie needs time away from Gar because he is too rough, and they are almost the same size! In time, they will be best friends!
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Thanks very much for your advice guys, i think i was hoping for it all to happen a bit quicker than expected, but i've taken your advice and will let you know when all is well. Thanks very much again
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If your male isn't neutered, please keep him away from the kitten. It will help things if you get him neutered. If he is neutered, still keep him away until the two have had some time to adjust to each other- otherwise, he could inadvertently harm her.
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what I have always done is just let the cats tussle it out for a little bit. Provide a good small hiding spot that your kitten can get into if she feels too threatened by your older cat (it helps if you show it to her first) and then just let them do their thing...after all, they are cats! If you see one of them obviously taking some serious beats then just squirt the offender with a water bottel to discourage the violent behaviour.
Sounds callous and uncaring, but it's best to get it all out in the open while under supervision than to chance them having an unexpected "alone time" when you are gone and having them kill eachother. Best of luck
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I introduced two 13 week old kittens to my adult neutered male cat about 7 months ago. It did take time, he is a big cat and played too roughly for the kittens, who would still keep going back for more. At first it was a case of constant supervision, which relaxed gradually as the kittens grew. Their roles slowly changed from him always being the "chaser" chasing them, to him allowing and enjoying them to chase him to on occasions. I always shut them apart when I was out. I occasionally still have to intervene when he gets carried away, because although they are 10 months old now, he's still a lot bigger than they are, but mostly they just all have a wonderful time flying round the house together.
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