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New to forum and need advice

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We're new at this forum and have a 2 year old male named Slik (for the way he acted as a kitten--Stupid LIttle Kitten) and a 14 year old male named Wizard, affectionately called Pudgums by the entire family. He was the only other male in our household so my husband is VERY attached.
Unfortunately, Pudgums was attacked by a dog almost 2 weeks ago. The dr. said he was in pretty good shape (no arthritis, etc.) and pinned his broken rear leg and stitched numerous puncture wounds. He was under anesthesia for over 2 hours. A couple days later he apparently had a blood clot that affected the use of his hind legs. We have him home now and he is eating and drinking. We are seeing some movement in his hind legs.
Wonder if anyone has any suggestions for "physical therapy" for his legs. Of course it will take 6 more weeks for the broken leg to heal. The dr was encouraged by our report of more movement. He is an inside/outside cat and prefers doing his business outside so newspapers and litter are not his favorites either but the dr says his bladder is functioning OK.
Any advice you could offer on how to best help our old friend recover would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the site! I'll move this to Health & Nutrition for you.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!
So sorry I´m not expert for give you an good advice but I´m glad that you could have to sign here!
See you on the forums!
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I would look more into massage or even TTouch. There are excellent books out there that will guide you through the steps of what you can do to wake up the leg. Of course, you let it heal it first before messing with it. Maryjean Ballner has some great tapes and books on massage for cats and dogs.
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thanks for your quick responses. He seems better as time goes by. We're not as worried about the broken leg as the other hind leg, but we're seeing good movement in both. What is TTouch?
thanks again!
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