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A wee bit obsessive compulsive?

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Do your cats have any slightly obsessive compulsive behaviours? What I mean is things that they just have to repeat before they can settle down and relax. I didn't really notice this until this morning but Rambo likes to make sure the litter in the litter box is just so. I went in to clean the box out and he decided to take that time to use the box as well. So i waited till he was done...but when he was done he started rearranging the litter all around the box. When he was done he got out and I went in and finished cleaning the box. When i was done he jumped back in and start moving litter around again. He didn't have to go...he just had to make modifications to how i left the box. He was then quite happy to start chasing his sister around the apartment.

Do any of your cats have quirks or compulsions?
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Where do I start? LOL

Scarlett is our litter box digger. Everything must be perfect and she will dig until every last bit of debrise is buried. She's in there for 10 minutes sometimes. She is also obsessed with any hairballs that she finds laying around. We call her the snitch as when we hear her scratching on something, we know she has located one and is trying to bury it. Actually quite helpful!

Muddy gets it in his head that he wants to be picked up, and will do everything in his power to trip you if you attempt to walk away. There is no pattern to this - out of the blue he needs to be PICKED UP NOW! I've fallen more than once trying to step around him. His sister Koko has recently picked up this habit.

Eightball loves to be on top of me, but for the life of him he can't just sit or lay down. He paces across my body and bats at face, chest, arms, hands and whatever is in the open. After eight years of showing him that he gets a much better experience if he is laying quietly in my lap, he still doesn't get it. His brother Tigger also does this to a lesser degree.

Sage will walk around the house the MEOWWWWLLLLLL at you when he wants attention. One call and he comes running and calms down. Interestingly, his brother does this to a lesser degree.

When I think about it, there are quirky behavioral traits that siblings do around here. Scarlett has a cousin (at another house) that has her "snitch" habits also.
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Max is OCD (obcessive compulsive disorder) about his litter box too. He rearranges the litter so that it's perfect and he's very anal about not getting it on the floor. Toby never buries his treasures so Max goes into the litter box when Toby is done and then buries it for him.
But....Max is a VERY messy eater...go figure!

And Toby is VERY OCD about his paws being clean and litter free after he's done in the litter box. You can hear him wipe his paws on the plastic liner, he does it about 50 times before he's satisfied and then we he gets out of his litter box if he's still not happy he'll just wipe his paws on the carpet or the wall. It really makes me mad when I find him doing that!
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ha ha ha! Im so glad someone else's cat does the paw-wiping thing too! Both of ours are so neurotic about the litterbox--not the way the litter is arranged per se, but about digging, covering and wiping their paws on the plastic litterbox cover. They each spend about 10 minutes with their litterbox routine several times throughout the night. It always wakes my husband up and he always says "they're so loud!" and I say "hey, at least they are going in the box honey!" and then we try to go back to sleep. It can be annoying though--all that paw-wiping!
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