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Spooky Staring

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Does anyone elses cat do anything like this ? :

My cat always stares at the stairs in my flat. At the top of the stairs, there is no landing, just a door into the bedroom.

When the cat is in the lounge, she stares up the stairs, and when she's sat in the bedroom she will sometimes stare down them.

It's so wierd, my kitten doesn't do it. just the mum cat. My sister recently catsat for me and she noticed it too.

The only thing I can think of is that we used to keep the bedroom door shut while she was pregnant to stop her going up there in case she had the kittens up there. She used to sit and stare then, and as soon as she saw the door was open, she'd be straight up there.

Now the door is always open so dont' know why she still looks up there !

Wierd !
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One of my cats will just sit and stare at the wall in my bedroom. There are no reflections on there, no bugs nothing....just blank wall. And sometimes she will twitter at the wall. It's almost like she's have a conversation with it. My other cat doesn't even notice this behaviour or anything special about the wall.
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You're trying to find a rational explanation for why a cat does something? Sorry, not laughing at you...just at the concept. Could I ever explain why Mellie will sit for 15 minutes staring at her water fountain?
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Max will stare at a wall for like 15 minutes then he will start crying. So we'll come running expecting to find a bug or something wrong, and when there is nothing not even a shadow we walk away and he'll start crying again for us to come back. Maybe he sees something we don't..?

It's cute but it gets annoying after 5 or 6 times.
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Cosmo stares at walls too, but he goes one step further, he actually "attacks" the wall -- it will be like he's going after one particular spot too. *I* can't see anything there, but he's sure convinced something is there!
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