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Aristotle - at 9 weeks

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Sis finally got some pics of Ari emailed to me. Here's two of them. That's gravy from the cat food on his face. He got in the way when I was putting it on his plate.

The flea collar - which I had just put on him - was gone the next day.
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aww he is soo cute, teufel used to get gravy all over him too.. but for the first few days i had to put gravy on his paws or else he wouldnt eat his food, i think he was home sick from his family
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Awwwwwww look at him!!! Jan he's way too cute!!!
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And I posted this thread with him asleep in the crook of my left arm!

He's become a white fuzzy leech!
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Awww, he's soooo cute! And he's nine weeks old, now? Wonderful! Annie and Mirah will be nine weeks old tomorrw, Saturday!
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yea... collars just do not work with cats... you put them on then and then they get lost somewhere... Ur cat is cute
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Aw, you're a beautiful kitty, Ari!
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He's precious and reminds me of Snowball when he was a tiny kitten! Is he yours Jan?
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Oh Ari, what a darling little boy you are, I would love to pick you up and cuddle turns coming....he is so cute! More pictures please?
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Ari, he already looks like a ball full of personality! What a cutie!
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I'm at work and I can't see the pictures because of the dang firewalls. I can't wait to get home and see him and show Bijou what his friend Ari looks like.
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Oh HI little Ari! We've been waiting to see you! What a cutie Jan!
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Jan, like Aristotle, this little guy looks very wise in that first pensive....he's adorable!!!
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Yes, Eddy, he so adorable when he's chewing on my hand as I try to type!

These pics were taken about 3 weeks ago. It's taken my sister that long to email them to me. (Her hubby had surgery and the Memorial Day weekend and all...)

He'll be 3 months this Sunday.
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Originally Posted by Lorie D.
He's precious and reminds me of Snowball when he was a tiny kitten! Is he yours Jan?
He's Mom's Mother's Day present, but lately has decided he rather own me!
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He's a total sweetie, Jan -- steal your heart, he does!
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Aw he is such a doll!
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Mika says she sure got a handsome boyfriend!

I'll never get her away from the computer now!

He really is lovely.
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he's a cutie - you're lucky to have him!
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Love that cute little face! What a doll.
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What a little mush! So glad to finally see his cute face!
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AWWW so cute
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Aww What cute pictures!!! Finnegan ALWAYS has food gravy on his nose... Im contantly cleaning it after he eats... lol
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Thanks for posting them, Jan! Now I can put a face with that kitty! He's adorable!
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