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Another stray FIV + kitty needs home

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My sister, who lives in Houston, has been caring for an orange stray who has turned out to be FIV positive. She needs to find him a home, as she can't bring him in and infect her cat. She has paid for neutering and other care.

Any takers out there?
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Poor guy. I hope you find someone.
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Deb - any news on finding a good home for this poor soul?
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No, Deb. My sister is still feeding him in her garage, and has named him Morris. Orange cat, what else? Poor thing. But she cannot bring him inside for fear of infecting her other cat.
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Well - there is nothing wrong in being a garage kitty! With soemone to love him and spend time with him, he will do fine. Poor little creatures, why do these things hve to affect so many?
Your sister is a great person to care for him. Morris is a great name too!
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Hmm, I don't know.

Being an exclusively orange cat owner, I could come up with something a little more, um, original.

But then again, her indoor kitty is Toonces. Now there's a dedicated Saturday Night Live fan.
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I LOVE Toonces the driving cat!
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I don't come on this board much so I just saw this.


I live in Houston. I wish there was something I could do. I too would be afraid to bring in an FIV kitty. I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open. Maybe an elderly person with no other cats would be a good idea?

P.S. I also have a cat named Toonces.
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You and my sister must be on the same wavelength! If you get any leads, let me know. It would be cool, as you both live in the same place.
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there is only a small risk of exposure with the other cats. Lots has been learned about FIV and I have a cyberfriend who has a positive kitty living with her other two cats and doesn't have a problem. I know that she wouldn't mind sharing with you what she has learned, if you sister decides to keep the new kitty.
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Well..... there is some risk involved because her own cat is (insert the de-word here) declawed .

Also her roommate is not a big cat person to begin with, and I think only kind of tolerates Toonces. All in all, finding an alternative home would be best.
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any news on the kitty deb?
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i have been looking for a orange cat
i have everything he or she might need
but i really don't know much about fiv
can you explain it much more about it
and for what i read he or she might have
to be alone that is ok with me.
there is only one problem i live in c.a
but maybe i could do a trip over there to
pick him up or something, let me think about
it but maybe i would do it because i am thinking
of having one cat for now but i really need to
know what is a fiv.
thank you for your attention and i hope
i can help.
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