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Todays radio question: 06/09/05

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sorry for the delay folks! Didn't get a chance to be on line much yesterday.

The question was:

Do you like Roseann Barr as a comedian???
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Sometimes, but sometimes she sounds too brash and loud for me.
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I was just thinking that!
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Nope! Her voice just grates on my nerves!!!
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no idea who she is!
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Not really. My favorite comedianne is Ellen DeGeneres! Her talk show is hilarious!
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I think she's very funny, very ironic, and also a very strong woman. That said she can get on my nerves if I'm not in the mood for her. But all in all I have great respect for her and think she's very talented.

My favorite comedian of all time would have to be adam sandler, but talking females I guess I would say Janeane Garofalo.
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I used to watch Roseanne, back in it's heyday. I don't mind her really. My two favorite female comediannes are: Whoopi Goldberg & Ellen DeGeneres. I fell in love with Ellen while I was in the hospital. I never EVER watched talk shows, til I was strapped into a bed for 5 days. And Ellen was just GREAT!
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Yes, I think Roseanne is hilarous! Ellen Degeres, I can't stand her.
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Her actual stand up is pretty funny. Or at least it was, prior to her TV show - very raw and brash, but funny. I haven't seen anything from her since then.
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No. She annoys the heck out of me.
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Can't stand her. She's to brash for me.
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She's the kind of person that I'd slap if I ever met her (this is rare for me, I get along with everyone).
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so sorry but I don´t know her...
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I think she's a riot, but disrespectful at times.
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Not really, but I did enjoy the first few seasons of her tv show. Once they won the lotto I thought it got a bit out of hand.

It was nice to see "regular" folks on the tv that were struggling to make ends meet instead of all those families that always had enough money to make it through.
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I don't have a clue who she is.
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Roseanne cracks me up. Especially on her TV show, Roseanne
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