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Moody pregnant cat...

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Do pregnant cats tend to go really moody and cranky? Coz Milo is really moody these days, and she takes it out on Mini... Milo usually kisses Mini when she walks by or licks her and sniffs her, now she just hisses and smacks her when Mini gets too close... I know Milo is pregnant, but on her previous pregnancy she wasn't moody like this at all... Is this normal?
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I can't say for sure but I know when I first adopted Trixie and Tiger (mother and son) they were best of friends. About halfway though her pregnancy she started doing exactly what Milo is...hissing, smacking, growling. Trixie had her kittens 3 weeks ago yesterday. She'll still hiss at Tiger occasionally but all in all things seem better...they even curl up together from time to time.
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Yes, I think that almost all cats go through moody stages, just like pregnant women do. When my kitty Tehya was pregnant, she hissed at all of our animals, and sometimes even swiped at us if we were 'annoying' her. It's just a stage they go through, being protective of her soon-to-be-born kittens.
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wouldnt you be moody if you were fat and uncomfortable all the time and had a belly full of kittens? lol
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I actually posted a thread about this a couple of weeks ago.
My cat Lilo was very moody when she was pregnant.
She was "Ms. Touch me not", "Ms. Look at me not", "Ms. Don't even think about breathing the same air as me not" She was the most loving sweet little girl ever before the last few weeks of her pregnancy.

But as soon as she delivered her "7" kittens... she immediatly starting purring. And she was back to her loving self.

Having 7 kittens in there caused her to have a lot of discomfort I am sure along with very loose stool the last few weeks. That is enough to make any woman (cat or human) devilish.....

Good luck!!
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Opal is moody with everyone else,she will not let her brother cat lick her no more and god help if one of my boys look at her,she doesn't get angry but she will scaper and shake and if looks could kill,we would be in trouble
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Hey thanx guys for the info... Milo's not that grumpy anymore now, she ignores Mini when Mini walks by, but Mini seems to still be scared of Milo. It's funny, Milo never gets angry when I disturb her, but she gets really cranky if Mini does... I feel sorry for Mini, she seems to miss her sister alot... But hopefully in about 2 months time, Milo will be back to her loving self... Thanx guys!... Btw, CONGRATULATIONS TRIXIE!!!
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I'm not sure but my cat Ino (the I makes a ee sound) is really moddy hissing at the other cats dubyoo (almost like husband but nuetured ) and dusty (son recently nuetured) and is hidding under the couch it happend before when dustys dad was around and got her pregnant we didn't know then but shes doing the same thing as before and being very moody to every one but its deadly last time she almost died

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