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"Enough with the camera already, NECKS GETTING A LITTLE KINKED HERE!!!!"

Hmmm, can't you tell Ricky wants to be put on the Captions page to be voted for - He's breaking his neck for the chance Silly kitty
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Okay... one word. CUTE!!!!! That's is a really great shot.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww overload! Ricky is just so
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Oh that's a darling shot!
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looks comphy to me
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Awwww, so sweet!!!
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Amazing how agile they are huh? Great picture.
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What a great pic!!!
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i showed your picture to my bf and he said that its one of the cutest cats hes ever seen...and hes a pretty big "dog person"
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Tell him I said thanks and if he thinks thats cute you should see the next bunch I am going to post of Ricky.. This cat loves his teddy bear and I swear he tries to set like it too. That post should be coming by sunday, UGH!! I have to work so I dont' have much time this weekend to put them in..
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What a little cutie patootie Ricky is!!
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