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when will labor begin?

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Hi all, I am new here and from reading this forum, i notice they are a lot of great people. Right now i need a place to vent! lol

My Cat Missy had a discharge about 5 days ago, it had no odor, no smell, no bad color. It was creamy and thick, last for a few hours. I was told it was her plug. That same day, she was acting rather differently, nesting, sleeping a lot. I thought it was time. Unfortunatley, 5 days later, she is still pregnant.

Today, she is acting very strange. Maybe someone can tell me if these are signs of labor? or does she need a vet ASAP?

Milky watery discharge, constantly licking it away.(no foul smell)

Her fur, looks like she hasnt cleaned herself at all. Sticking up everywhere

Sleepy eyes, cant keep them open

On her stomach, right near her vagina, i feel a lump today, not a hard one, but more of a bag?

She is wanting to go outside!! crying by the door. ( she has not done that at all whole pregnancy)

HOw will i know she is having contractions? what signs do i look for?

I am becoming soo concerned i cant sleep. And i know deep inside it will probably be an unappropriate visit to the vet if i go. Im just a worry freak lol.

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Because she looks like she isn't cleaning herself, I think she should go to the vet. Please let us know what happens!
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I mean she does clean herself, or at least tries to, shes soo huge she cant reach. I have taken a washcloth and washed her down with some water. Looks so much shinier.

But still no kitties. Shes been roaming around the house a lot, like she doesnt know what to do with herself.

Would be so much easier if i had written down the date she had escaped outside. She is an indoor cat, so i didnt twice that she can be pregnant, since i dont even see any stray cats around, or any other cats. Sneaky little fellas..

The new parents of the kittes are also excited and anxious to see their little ones. I have 4 homes already and plan to keep 1, hopefully wont be anymore than 5.

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becki where in illinois are you? im in chicago
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I am soo excited! The time has finally come!

She is in her first stage right now and has been having contractions for 16 hours dont know how long before i noticed, so maybe even longer. This is her first litter so i read that the first stage may take up to 36 hours.. Now just waiting for stage 2!

I will keep an update =)

Right now she is napping in her nesting spot, having contractions around every 5 minutes, panting more and more with each one. Breathing faster than usual

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