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Batty QT

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It was raining hard last night and a poor bat flew in the house at around 11. Joji, Skinny and Wawa were excited at the start but it looked like once they realized what it was, they sort of ignored it. Jello couldn't see because of his face hair, so he just went back to sleep.
Anyway, QT went a bit crazy. Well, she's like that. She kept jumping and swatting at the poor bat. She succeeded and managed to pin it down. A loud NO from mois, and she released it. But the bat did not fly and sort of hopped to a corner. While saying No,QT! and keeping an eye on her, I managed to get a bowl. I gently put it over the bat, slid a cardboard underneath and had no choice but to release it back in the rain. Again, it didn't fly but flopped down on the wet grass. QT again ran out after it. Another NO and COME (of course, Joji, Skinny, Wawa and Jello came too) stopped QT.
I herded them all inside the house, closed the door and prayed the bat'll be okay. After a while I heard bat screeches, got a flashlight and checked outside. The bat was gone!
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Good news! Yes, they certainly like any to bring the attack on anything that poses a challenge.
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wow you have bats in your country! they kinda freak me out.
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Well, yes . NZ doesn't? I'm sure there are parts of the US that don't have them, but some of the caves have colonies of thousands. If you're freaked out by them, look up "flying fox," kinda hard to be freaked out by something that looks like that flies around during the day and eats fruit! I actually think the flying foxes are kinda cute !

When the bats come out at dusk around here to hunt for insects, it's kinda interesting to go pick up a small stone and throw it up into the air, their sonar picks it up and they'll dive at it 'til they realize it's not food.
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My two would have loved chasing a bat about! You would have seen me run out the door though
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Well done for saving the poor little bat! It must have had the fright of it's life having QT going after it!

My two would have had so much fun swatting and jumping at a bat!
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The poor bat simply vanted to suck your blooooooooooood!
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GLAD to hear that ur cats are okay!

Warning- be careful with cats catching bats though..

When I was a teenager, one of my cats (inside/outside against my wishes) caught a bat. Dad killed the bat (since it was already injured by Rusty- cat) then put the bat in a jar. We decided to call the animal control to report the bat because often if bats are caught, that means they were sick. We made it very clear that Rusty was okay, had no bites or scratches AND had her rabies shots up to date. WELLL, when the Animal Control came to get the bat, they seized Rusty!! At first when they came, my brother was home alone and refused to surrender Rusty to them because he knew I would be very upset with him but after being threatened with jail, he had to surrender Rusty to the Animal Control.

They REFUSED to give her back to us- EVEN after we showed evidence that Rusty had her rabies shots and that she had NO WOUNDS.. They said either Rusty should be put to sleep now or wait till the bat was tested for rabies -meaning Rusty would be quarantined in a cage for TWO MONTHS (that's how long it'd take to get the darn bat tested!) and of course we knew Rusty would go crazy being in a confided space like that. We tried to negotiate with them- get them to do the testing FASTER, keeping Rusty under quarantinee in one room in my home, etc but no luck.

After a week of my mom calling animal control, news reporters, vets, everyone else possible and me calling the animal control and making threats while sobbing my heart out, the animal control got fed up and rushed the tests on the bat. LUCKILY, the bat didn't have rabies so they released Rusty back to us! However, she was never the same afterward. HATES being held and being in confining spaces...

So be careful with cats- don't let them catch bats!
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Thank you for that warning Pamela. And that is such a sad story about Rusty That d*** Animal Control! I'm so glad y'all got him back, though!
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