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A year of changes

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Enrolled in college this morning, and took a placement test- I only had to take one Math.....ugh, because my other transcripts were good to waive the other tests. But I start Jan 20, going for a year to get my certificate in the medical field, then I will go on another year so I can take my boards for medical transcriptionist. Taking a full load this coming semester and am excited about the fact that my life has focus again! I'll be busier than a one-armed paper hanger, but I love to learn so am looking forward to this new adventure!
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Hissy thats terrific!

I always hated math, but its a necessary evil

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I can't email you my math tests to take? Shucky darn!
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how exiting - I am so thrilled for you.
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Sure ya can...if you want to fail! :laughing2
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Hissy--That's wonderful news!!
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It feels so good to take life by the b*lls and control your own destiny!
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Bet it feels good to make a decision like this. You'll do great! Now get in there and study!

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My full respect goes out to anyone going back to school!

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Hissy - That sounds great! I'm sure you'll do great! I have a good friend who's a medical transcriptionist, and she loves it.
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That's tremendous! Certainly, I wish you success! Way to go!

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Congratulations on turning a new leaf; it can be a very scary but rewarding thing to do.
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If you need any insight into surviving college let me know!

Your classmates and professors will be lucky to have you in class.
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I am so happy for you! :rainbow: :daisy: What classes will you be taking? I really need to take some classes so I can work on getting some type of degree, too .... I remember in high school, I thought of becoming a medical transcriptionist, but for some reason I changed my mind. They do make great money from what I have heard!
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I had to chuckle because I have to take a filing class! Filing, I can do in my sleep- thankfully the class is only half a semester long but only one credit. Should get more than one credit for not falling asleep during it.

Medical Terminology
Editing Skills for Information Processing
Advanced Typing Skillbuilding
WordPerfect for Business

I have to do this sort of backwards, because the university is to far from my home, so I am attending a Community College. They do not offer the course I really wanted ART (Accredited Record Technician) so I will take a year of classes to get a certificate to be a Medical Office Specialist, then another year of classes to be a Medical Transcriber, then pick up about a half of a year of classes to fulfill the requirements for ART and be qualified to take the state boards at that time and become a coder. Anyway, that is the plan~~~~
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Yay for you!

I loved school (except phys ed and geography, but you won't have to take either of those) so I'm totally jealous!

Sounds like a full course load, but the medical terms won't be too bad, as long as you learn the greek and latin roots, anyway. And what kind of homework can they give you for a filing class? Not much. Sounds like boredom will be the worst part. 'Course I can't type, so I shouldn't talk!

Good to hear from you.
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