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mamacat delivering kittens

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my cat is delivering her kittens and she seems to be giving more attention to the first one.
The second kitten is not doing so well, it been nearly 20 mins and she still haven't suckle yet. She seems to be breathing heavily and makes a wheezing sound. What can i do??

(it's midnight... i doubt i can find a vet)
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i just notice the two front limbs of the 2nd kitten is deformed.
both paws are facing inward
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inward? poor thing, this might be why momma cat isnt paying attention to it, cause she knows there something is wrong.
As soon as a vet opens in teh am, id get them to one.
Do you have any kitten milk you could give the 2nd kitten, to tide it over till you can get it to a vet or?
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Is the first kitten motionless? You need to take a warm towel (either zap it in the microwave a few seconds (the towel not the kitten) or toss it in the dryer on high to warm it up. Take the warm towel and start rubbing the kitten vigourously but gently- you want to see if you can stimulate him into action. If you can get him aware and awake, put him on a free nipple to see if he will eat. If he doesn't want to suck, make sure his mouth is clear of fluids (you would need a clean bulb syringe to suction out the mouth) then put him back on the momcat to see if he will suckle.

Sounds like inbreeding has occurred and if the line is weak, the kittens will be malformed and sickly. Please call the nearest vet's office and apprise them of the situation-
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First do what Hissy suggested if that doesn't help ou will probably have to swing it to get the fluid out.

CAUTION: I Nor TheCatSite.com cannot take any responsibility for following this advice should it go wrong.


Attend to the first problem: the kitten's breathing. Gently wipe the kitten's face with your finger wrapped in a soft towel. In most cases, simply handling the kitten will stimulate him to breathe. Wipe the kitten dry very carefully. It's very easy to tear a newborn's skin, especially around the flank folds and inner thighs. If the kitten doesn't start breathing, cradle him in a towel in the palms of your hands. Put him on his back with the hind feet toward you, place your thumbs on his chest and gently swing the kitten downward toward the floor. This causes the fluid in the airways to flow upward and out the nose and mouth. Be especially careful not to fling the kitten out of your hands. Hold the kitten properly and do not swing aggressively.

after a couple of swings, wip or suck the fluid from its mouth, if it's still in distress do it again. Repeat until you feel the breathing has inproved and you hear a good strong cry.

If mom doesn't take to him, he can go over an hour or so with feeding, but he WILL NEED TO BE KEPT WARM!!!! AT ALL TIMES

I'll check back later... please keep us updated.

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she's still not suckling... i tried forcefeeding her but it doesn't seem to work (she just spits it out again.
i've tried swinging her a few times also
she seems to be breathing through her mouth. Every time she breaths i can see the stomach area being suck in. and mamacat keeps using her as some sort of pillow. Is it to keep her warm?

mamacat is paying both the same attention now.
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You have to be REALLY careful if you feed her, you can drown it easily. Don't feed it milk!!!!

Listen to her lungs, just hold her up to your ear and if you hear a little bit of fluid then she should be okay. Try and get her to cry loud... don't pinch her or anything though.

You can also try and put her on a nipple yourself, just take your time and rub her mouth on a nipple, it takes a while, so don't get to impatient.

If that doesn't work, then I really really don't reccomend forcefeeding her, the chances of her drowning are high. Really the only sure way to do a kitten that young is to tube feed her, and if you don't know how OR have the right equipment you shouldn't even think about it.

My advice is this:
If she is breathing alright and mom is not pushing her off then try to get her on a nipple. If that doesn't work then all you can do is to give it time, she will either try and nurse eventually or not.

If not, then as soon as possible take her and the Mom and sibling to the vet.

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i tried putting her on a nipple but she just won't open her mouth...
she is not making any effort to search for a nipple also
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i think i'll just bring them to the vet when my bro comes back
luckily i have school holidays
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a trip to the vet, is probably best, all the luck, and keep us updated
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If your mom has some karo syrup in the closet, you can put just a tiny dab on mom's nipple- not a lot, just a dot, and see if the kitten will suckle then-
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