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Bored cat?

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(First off, thank you Hissy for helping my account)

I've posted here before when I first got my little one, but stopped after awhile. However, lately my cat (Kitty) has been meowing at the door, but when I open it, she doesn't go out. She seems lonely, like she wants a 24/7 playmate, and I just don't cut it. She gets bored of playing with me, I have tons of toys, but she doesn't like them. I have "Da Bird" and I have all these little fuzzy catnip toys, and 2 Cat Trees for her to climb around on. Now at about 3 in the morning, she runs around in my room like a wild beast and skitters across the wrapping paper on the top shelf, dashes under the bed and pounces on everything that moves, all the while yowling. I think the problem is she just isn't get enough exercise during the day, so I was thinking, would another cat help her out? I wouldn't have a problem supporting another kitten, and if it would stop kitty from being bored out of her mind I'd do it, I just want to make sure their isn't some other reason for her behavior

(I also have a Feliway plug if it matters)

Here's a picture of Kitty, just because she's so cute

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You're not alone. My cat does (did) the same thing, and that's with another cat around to play with.

I started playing with her right before bedtime until she was too tired to do anything else. A lot of people suggest hiding most of the toys, and bringing out different ones every once in a while - then they still remain fresh. That might help.

My cat's favourite toy: a leather shoelace. about 5 feet long. All three of them will chase it until they fall down panting.

As for the 3am crazies... everyone deals with them. The cat of mine which had the crazies started to tone down after she reached the 1 year mark. Now she's better... not perfect... but better... and playing before bed helps too.
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I'm not in favor of getting another cat just in the hopes it will solve a cat problem. Because that's not a good motive to get another cat. Also you just don't know if it will do any good. But I do think another cat pal will be good for your present cat. Certainly would be good for boredom. And if you want another cat because you want another cat and can support and care for another cat, why then GO FOR IT!!
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Our cat Ace, whom we adopted when he was about five, cried and cried whenever he thought no one was around. I mean REALLY loud. He also licked himself so much that he was bald at the base of the tail. (The vet thought maybe allergies.)

About 18 months ago, we got two kittens. Ace kind of acts grumpy around them sometimes—you can almost see him thinking, "Damn kids!"—but he doesn't cry now, and all his fur has grown back. Honestly, based on my experience of seeing how happy my cats have been when they have kitty buddies, I don't think I will ever own one single cat again; I'll either have two (or more) or none.
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thank you very much. I've wanted another cat for awhile, and I can very easily afford one. My only hesitation would be if Kitty would get along with another cat, although she's best friends with my German Shepard dog (Who's about 200 times bigger than her). I will defiantly look into another cat for Kitty to play with, even if it won't help the midnight massacre of my house

Also, I know warm milk helps babies fall asleep, what if I lightly warmed up some cat milk for Kitty so she'd claim down a bit at night?
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I think getting another kitty would be a great idea! But first, I must ask- Where did you get her from?
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Kitty was a feral cat, she and her colony lived behind my parents boat lot, and we all fed them, but now the owner built over the lot, so we had to find homes for all the cats, kitty came right to me, clawed everyone else, but fell asleep in my lap, so needless to say she stole my heart with her big eyes and truck engine purr hehe.

she also was about the size of a minute when I got her
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