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Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone, I'm new of course. I'm a student about to study graphic design and of course, I love cats. I grew up with many cats, usually we had about 14 at time and a couple of strays since we lived in a two story house with my grandparents.
Right one I only have one. Her name is Milo and she is an orange tabby. She's about three years old. I got her very young so she's very attracted to me, she'll have fits if I leave her for more than a few hours. Her favorite past times are talking back or screaming/meowing her head off, playing fetch, and sleeping on my lap.
I love taking pictures of her and editing them in art programs. Recently she's becoming my model for an income I hope to get for college by selling the images. She loves the extra attention. Well, I think I bored everyone enough.
~ Star
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Welcome to the site Star! You certainly didn't bore anyone. There's a lot of us who get a lot more long winded than that when we start talking about our kitties.
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Hi And Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you soon on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS! If you need anything, you can PM me anytime you want! Have a great time!
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Hey Great to see you here!!! I'm new too!!!
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Welcome to TCS, Star and Milo!
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Welcome to TCS Star!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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I'm new too but welcome to TCS Hope you have fun here
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Thank you all for the very warm welcome!
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welcome To TCS! I am donna proudly owned by 3 wonderful furkids!
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Hi Star and Milo. Welcome to TCS!
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Hi there and welcome to TCS!
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