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i used to buy catnip for Jasmine when she was a kitten but hadn't done for quite a while until recently.

I got some the other week and she went wild (like she used to) and Jasper (my stray that we I adopted) i think had it for the very first time and absolutely adored it!

Obviously, it causes uncontrollable behaviour...but i wondered if anyone actually new what it physically did? eg does it have neurological effect ?

We have now re-named it 'kitty drug' as it seems to have an effect that suggests thats what it is!!!!

Does anybody know?
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Catnip is a perennial herb belonging to the mint family Labiatae. Catnip is known in scientific
nomenclature as "Nepeta cataria". The plant is a weed-like mint that is now native in North America
and Canada after being introduced from its native Mediterranean soil.

The active ingredient in Catnip is called Nepetalactone. The response to this chemical is mediated through the olfactory system (vomeronasal organ) that cats have a special receptor for.

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It does affect the cat's brain (obvious to anyone looking at the cat ) but there's no harm in a bit of catnip every now and then. I wouldn't give it more than a couple of times a week, as it is very stimulating.
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My cats absolutely adore catnip. It used to be our Sunday treat....while hubby and I read the paper the cats got a pinch each of catnip.

But...the most bizarre thing happened: Our latest adoptee is an 8 year old male stray. Whenever he gets catnip he gets all goofy and runs around the house spraying everything! But...he does the spraying with great joy and gusto, as if he is so happy he just can't hold it in! It is the wildest thing I've ever seen!

Has anyone heard of another cat who does this?
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I thought this was great. My two adore catnip too. I give it to them as a special treat or if they get a new toy with it. My little female, Mony, gets to be "a mean drunk" and Oreo just gets more mellow.

I have found out through trial and error with Oreo (22 lb male) not to mix the scent of peppermint with the catnip. I gave them catnip one night and was using a peppermint massage lotion on my feet and he went "nuts" - he kept rubbing and trying to scent me (or sniff all the peppermint off) and tried to crawl under my pant's leg. He was one "happy" cat. Mony won't even come near after her catnip so I have no idea of her reaction when mixed with peppermint.
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Our cats go nuts I've had it a couple times where one of them has gotten into the bag & shredded it. Puts them in a good mood, though!
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