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Getting my new kitten soon!

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Hey guys, I just found out we're getting our new cat the when we get back from vacation (we're leaving Thursday and coming back that following Friday)! I am really excited! My mom's friend has three kittens, that will be two months old by the time we get him (or her), all healthy, short-haired, the whole package. We will be getting all it's shots and everything too! It will be hard to choose just one, but guys I really am excited! I hope when we get the kitten I can descibe to you in more detail, and maybe get some pictures up too!
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Enjoy your vacation, and anticipating the arrival of the newest family member. Have you come up with any names yet?
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Congratulations Tyler I am sure that, whichever kitty you pick (or that picks you!), will be a very spoiled and loved kitten . Have a great vacation!
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Awesome news, Tyler! Have a fun vacation, and be sure to post some pics when you get the kitten!
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Woo-hoo! Fantastically awesome !

Oh, er, by the way, it should be spelled "dedication" .
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Thanks guys! Also, well we've thought of some names, but we want to see what it looks like first, so we will have a wider range of names.
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That's great news! I'm very happy for you. Have a good vacation and give us all the details on the new kitten as soon as you get it
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