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Bathroom issue- a problem?

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I am aware that I sometimes over react when it comes to Dori, but I am a little concerned about something and where else to ask but here

Dori eats good quality food. She eats Innova light dry, and Merrick wet. For the most part the only treats she gets are Wildside Salmon (from Pat of course). I know that the quality of food effects how "smelly" they are in the litter box, and Dori's -uhhhhh, I am just going to come right out and say it - poops NEVER smell. Seriously, we can be sitting right next to her when she goes and never smell one it of it.

That being said, last night I was in the office ordering pizza. I noticed Dori in her box and saw her dart out of the room and I instantly became overwhelmed by a horrific smell. If I hadn't seen her I never would have thought she did it, I would have blamed my fiance I didn't think much of it, but this morning I noticed what I thought was blood when I first saw it on Dori's little bottom. I held her so I could get a better look and it wasn't blood but her skin looks very raw in that area. I think it's even a little sore because she squirmed a little when I was carrying her. Is this a vet visit, or is there something I can put on the skin to help with the irritation I am just concerned because she has not eaten anything other than her normal food, so why would she all of a sudden have such a bad poop? Could there be something bigger that caused this or does it just happen?
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It's possible she may have swallowed something that scratched the rectum on the way out. But that wouldn't account for the smell. I'm wondering if what you saw was anal gland secretion. Now that REALLY stinks!!

If there's nothing more obvious, I think you could safely wait a day and see if it returns to normal. If in any doubt, please call your vet.
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I too wonder if something is going on with an anal gland - I'd watch it closely - see if you see any discharge or increased irritation - I know I go to the vets quicker than you can say "boo!" so it shouldn't surprise you if I say the truth is I'd probably take Dori in. Hopefully Hissy will read this and respond with her perspective.
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I'd say call and talk to your vet. They should be willing to give you a general idea of the severity [or lack thereof] of the problem over the phone.

If taking her to the vet is practical, and the problem persists, I would definately take her into the vet.

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Dori's poor little bottom! Sure hope her Vet is able to sort this out promptly, Tanya!
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