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Calling All Simpsons Fans!

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Thread Starter Can it be? Can it REALLY be?
All I can say is:
If, for whatever reason, that link didn't work for you, the article says that they are now in preproduction for a Simpsons movie!!!
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i love the simpsons, and i cant wait for this
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That will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just as long as they include Ralph Wiggum in that plot in some way. He's my favorite. "Me fail English? That's unpossible!" Genius!
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I looooove the Simpsons!!! No other animated show has even come CLOSE to running 17 seasons (or regular sitcom for that matter)!! I can't wait, it's definitely a movie I will brave opening night to see!!
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That is very exciting news. I've watched the Simpsons since I was about 10.
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If I'm not mistaken, it's the longest-running comedy EVER (animated or live). I think their trick is that they stay current on the latest "issues" and handle them in a way that is both hilarious, yet non-offensive.
Has anyone ever gone to a Simpsons trivia night? Those are awesome!
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Guess we don't have many Simpsons fans around here? *crickets chirping*
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im actually going to start a dvd collection sometime soon, so i will get all of the simpsons on dvd and they are boring to watch on tv since its dubbed in german
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Yeah, they do dub overseas. I remember watching the Simpsons en Espanol in Coasta Rica and Spain- odd experience!!!
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I absolutely love The Simpsons. How exciting!
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I confess too... I´m a bit fan of they, my favourtite character is MR Burns...

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all I can say is "It's about dang time."
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Originally Posted by cazx01
i love the simpsons, and i cant wait for this

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I LOVE the Simpsons!!
It's pretty much the only show I watch anymore (that and Family Guy and American Dad). Actually, my tv is only hooked up to my dvd player (no antena, cable or sattelite) and I go visit some friends every Sunday night to watch cartoons.

I can't wait to see that movie!!
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