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Soothing a (temporarily) needy kit

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So, through no desire of our own, my husband and I had to go out of town for two weekend in a row. We both had family reunions on back-to-back weekends in Kansas City and Chicago, and had to fly to both.

The first weekend was Memorial Day weekend, and since all my friends and family were busy, I hired a catsitter to come and play, feed and clean their boxes each day we were gone. When we got back the kits were really happy to see us and settled back into our regular routine quickly.

But then the Friday we had to leave again, and we didnt get back until the following Monday. My MOM said she would take care of our sweet babies, and I showed her where the toys are and how to do all the stuff for them and she promised to come by in the morning on each day (sat, sun and mon). Well, she only came on Sat. They were so hungry, bored and upset with their dirty litterboxes when we got home Monday afternoon. Im trying not to be upset with my mom, but I think her negligence really has affected them.

Actually Blossom has bounced back pretty well. But Billy meows constantly and follows my every move, even waiting for me outside the shower and when I leave for work he cries. My husband works at home and gives him loves throughout the day. I think he's afraid that we will leave him again. We have no plans to leave again for a good long time, so I hope that eventually he will get back into the routine and feel safe again.

Has anyone else been through this? Any advice for soothing him and making him feel safe?
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Every time we or I go away, Jamie won't let me out of his sight for a few days. I'm sure he's afraid I'll "disappear" again. Have you tried Feliway? That might soothe Billy a bit.
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they have the cuddle kitty?? on name that has a warming thing to make them more comfy..
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no, they dont have the cuddle kitty--what is it? where can I get it from? I was thinking Feliway might help too--thanks for that. Billy is the first boy cat I've ever had and he is such a lovebug and cuddler, I just want him to be happy! I didnt realize that our trips would affect him so much--I knew he wouldnt be happy with it, but Im surprised to the extent he has expressed his desire that we never leave again! I guess its actually pretty sweet of him. He is such a good boy.
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