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Hi everyone. Saturday is Bijou's big annual checkup day and I've decided to have him microchipped. Since my husband insists on letting him outside (even though he is in a harness and on a light rope), I'm always afraid he'll get out of his harness and possibly get hurt or lost. Our daughter had Mika microchipped when she was spayed so I'm biting the bullet and having Bijou done.

I just hope it doesn't hurt and that he won't be sore for days or some such thing. I also hope he doesn't hate me afterwards if it hurts.

The good news is he seems to have lost some weight since he's been outside chasing the squirrels up the trees. The other night he was stalking a baby bunny in the backyard. We were sitting on the deck watching him and would have come to the bunny's rescue if need be. The little bunny was smart enough to stay just out of Bijou's reach, i.e., Bijou was at the end of his rope!
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awww he will be just fine , i had socks microchipped last year and he wasnt sore afterward's, he ont hate you
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I have a total of ten microchips in my household and not one had a problem.
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I actually don't think they really notice it much. Neither Jamie nor ZsaZsa showed any reaction to the shot, or afterwards. Bijou will be fine!
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My three are all chipped and hardly noticed it being done. Good luck withth e check-up - I am sure all will be fine.
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Well our Bijou was a star. He didn't even flinch (which the vet thought was totally awesome) when he got his 2 needles and she took him away to do the chip and said he never moved or uttered a sound. He is my brave boy.

However, he is 3-4 lbs. overweight. She said he is a big cat and very solid for a Siamese but that he should weigh no more than 12 lbs. and he's 15.6 lbs. Trying to get him to lose weight should be fun since he and Mika share food and she's tiny and "just right".

The vet said the dry food is what is making him overweight and that I should cut it down to 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup at night and give him good quality wet food. I am currently giving him Fancy Feast once a day and she said she sees a lot of cats come in with crystal problems from Fancy Feast so I must go get some Iams or probably more likely get the Performatrin wet food for him since we know Performatrin is one of the best foods we can buy here.

My hubby wants to use the computer to practice some songs for his gig coming up, so I should cut this short.

Just wanted you all to know our baby is fine and that eases my mind.

Thanks all for listening.

Linda - Bijou's meowmy
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Glad he was a champ. I am currently thinking of having all of mine microchipped..
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Yay for Bijou. So glad it all went well. It is something off your mind to know there is a permananent ID, though here people would not think of looking for it, which is why mine have collar ID too. Good luck with the diet - that may be more difficult!
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Glad it went smoothly!
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Thanks for the update. I'm glad to know that it went well. I am thinking of getting Dexter & Sadie chipped. They are indoor kitties only but in case they ever got out & lost, at least I might have a chance having them returned to me.
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Attaboy, Bijou!! It was just a lark, wasn't it?? Glad everything went well!
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