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Thank God for Cats!

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Don't ya love the way cats can take away all the stress of life when they are simply purring in you lap?? No matter what is going on, I can never be tense or stressed when I have a cat in my lap. Even when I am trying very hard to type with my left hand because one is asleep on my right hand (like right now ) all I can do is smile
If I didn't have cats I think I'd go insane...SO, thank God for cats!!
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I whole heartedly second that motion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I really missed my babies when I was on acation & I thought that they would be all huffy when I got back.. The exact opposite happened - they are even more snugglely ( I just made up the word). One of my babies normally only comes for attention in the middle of the night. Last night while watching tv he was on my lap for over an hr.
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Yeah, when they get older. When they are like Rascal, they like to run and jump and act really crazy. Rascal does like to cuddle at night or when watching tv. But he loves to play. He loves to play with the feather on a stick and boy can the baby jump! He rolls around in it and kicks it. It is so funny!
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It's always so nice to have a cat to come home to!!!!
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Yeah! Thank God He did! And I sure Thank God you started this Thread too! :laughing2 It's so nice to acknowledge our gratitude for all the things we love

Thanks again

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I am so thankful for my furry baby. She is lying in her cat bed that attaches to my radiator and its right next to my monitor and keyboard. Whenever I am down and in a bad mood hubby picks her up and pops her into my arms and all is better in a moment.

We really are blessed to have furry friends who love us and make us happy.
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My cats make me complete.
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I know now that I could NEVER go back to living without cats!! They are just the greates creation ever!! So many things to so many people, and always just at the right time!! (Even when we're peed off and they do something sooooo annoying, somehow it ends up being "cute" and putting a smile on our faces!!)
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I love it when Bagpuss comes up to me and touches noses with me and then pushes her head against my head and pushes he whole body into my hand when I am stroking her. I love it when Jake comes onto the lap top to see what I am doing the tries to catch the words I am typing or tries to stand on the keyboard to help me type my messages. I love it when they both wake me up in the night for a cuddle and a few comforting words. I also love it when Bagpuss wakes me up in the morning with a few licks in the ear to get me up if I sleep through my alarm....even when it is the weekend....I would never go back to living without my fury little critters
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Living without cats....is that possible???
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I don't know what I'd do without my cats. Their unconditional love makes me feel so good. When Marina died and I was sobbing my heart out, my old man Casey (6) came over and licking my tears away. Cats are THE BEST!!
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Theres nothing more comforting than snuggling up in bed with a good book and warm furry bodies all over you..the only problem with it is trying to concentrate on the book with all the purring and thats hardly a problem
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