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wow he is angry....

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Teufels litter box was due to be changed yesterday but since i wasnt home for the majority of the day i wasnt able to change it.....
he just went to his cat box, opened the flap and threw out most of the litter
nd now he just tipped his water bowl all over the kitchen..
he is now running through the appartment as if there is something chasing him.

Share some stories of your kitty being angry
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LOL well. If I don't get up and feed him in the morning he likes to slap me with his paw or rub his cold nose on my face til I get up, he runs up and down the wall when he is mad too. This is Charcoal I am referring to.
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Eppie will get mad and hiss if I pet her longer than she would like, but what cat doesn't do that??? Don't have any interesting "mad kitty" stories to share, but those stories about Teufel and Charcoal are a hoot!
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Don't you just love them though!

Because Rosie is a tortie, she can certainly have an attitude!.

The latest example was on tuesday night when i was on the computer, so she decided to jump up and sit right in front of the screen

In a gentle voice and the softest of touches i asked her to move out the way, so she swung her head round, grunted at me and smacked my hand with her paw

10 minutes later though she was being all loving with me because she wanted a treat!

Sophie i've yet to see be angry with me
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socks has the worst attitude possible, just this morning he attacked my foot and bit me real hard just because i went the toilet before i fed him

He also attacks my hand when i stroke him to much
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On a daily basis before I leave for work Guin will get angry. I like to pet him goodbye before I leave but he will insist on nipping my hands! This morning he ran right down to the front door and flopped in front of it - he didn't want me to go to work! lol

Othertimes when he is angry he will just simply ignore me. I will call him and his ears do not even move. If I go to stroke him when he is in a grumpy mood he will move his face futher and further away from me! lol

Mr Attitude - but I still him to bits!
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well Maverick sulks and bites me if she sees me petting the dog. at first i thought it was because of his scent then i noticed it was only when she saw me pet him she'd get angry.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Because Rosie is a tortie, she can certainly have an attitude!.
Sophie i've yet to see be angry with me
Eppie's a tortie vet calls it "tortitude" because they seem to have a unique attitude all their own.....and they certainly know how to be mean when it suits them! Cosette is just like Sophie....sweet all the time! Maybe it's something with tuxedo kitties???
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I've heard the word "tortitude" many times as well Amy

Rosie was at the vets yesterday for her yearly checkup and shot, and after the vet did her feel about as they do!, i said how i half expected Rosie to hiss at her because she can have an attitude if i want her to do something and she doesn't!, but the vet said "well she is a tortie after all
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From all the Rosie pics I have seen she looks as sweet as a button!

Tortitude? Pah!!
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Originally Posted by Gilly
Mr Attitude - but I still him to bits!
Actually, reading this again I call Guinness - Mr Arrogant!
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Originally Posted by Gilly
From all the Rosie pics I have seen she looks as sweet as a button!

Tortitude? Pah!!
Well if your ever in my neck of the woods you'll be able to see for yourself!

It's quite amusing though when she's like that even though it's me she's smacking!
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As far as pets or being carried around, both of them absolutely can't get enough. Sometimes Lex will squirm to indicate he wants down, but they just love attention otherwise. Russian Blues are known for being affectionate with their owners.

However, the only time I've seen Mik get angry is when the litter isn't up to his cleanliness standards. He'll scratch and scratch like he's digging to China! And then he'll meow in the doorway. Then I go clean it and he's back to his happy old self. Lex has never shown anger towards me.

They also play and wrestle, which will sometimes turn into a fight. When I hear a hiss or irritated meow I know it's my cue to break it up. Usually a loud clap does the trick.
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Shy (my husband) used to blow air on random parts of Sandy's fur (especially her paws) when we first met. He was just playing with her but she got annoyed and swatted him in the face, giving him a long nasty scratch. I warned him and warned him but he didn't listen. He knows not to irritate her now .
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Babycakes will growl and bite you if you pet her when she doesn't want it (another tortie!). Rusty, when he was younger, if you fussed on him or gently spatted his bottom, he'd go to the bedroom and pee on the bed....always on the side of whomever had made him mad!
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Kelly, you just reminded me of something else...

Mik, especially, does not like men I'm involved with. He hates it when the attention isn't on him, and did NOT like any of my ex's. I took 6 months for him to warm up even a bit to my last BF. The last guy I dated loved cats and he would get upset when Mik would snub him. Poor guy. Mik is a very jealous cat, and both him and Lex will compete for my attention. Of course, he loves my female friends!
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Awwww, Jenn!! Mik and Lex just want mama for themselves!!! That's so cute! I'll bet they can sort the good guys from the bad ones!
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Originally Posted by Charcoal
LOL well. If I don't get up and feed him in the morning he likes to slap me with his paw or rub his cold nose on my face til I get up, he runs up and down the wall when he is mad too. This is Charcoal I am referring to.
Did I ever tell you I'm in love with Charcoal? Every time I see his picture on your lap, I'm green with envy. I would love to hold him and cuddle him like that. He is very handsome.
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Lucy only likes to be pet on her terms. If I try to pet her when she doesn't want it, she gives this high pitch meow and then hisses and runs off. She won't let me pet her before I leave for work either, she runs from me and hides.
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OP- that is a funny story!

I'm lucky so far...Smidge doesnt seem to have any anger issues. She is a pretty good cat all around...just naturally. I think she might still be in that grateful/suck-up phase.
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Cindy's the one. If I don't find her right before I leave -- not half an hour before and then go do something else -- and give her scritches, and the day's agenda and instructions for looking after things, I can count on getting the cold shoulder when I get home -- if I see her at all

She also disapproves of the computer -- will settle in my lap, AFTER she has pushed the keyboard drawer all the way in, and only as long as BOTH my hands are engaged in scritching her. Try to type even with just one hand, and she's off, and if looks could kill...!

Yup. Another tortie
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If I dont pet her on the neck Aerowyn will put her head down and force my hand by her neck, also she will rub her wet icky nose all over my arm (because she KNOWS i hate that...) elliot will just growl.. and sometimes slap :P It is so funny though because I can be holding him while sitting down (and he does not like that) and he will be growling.. and then I w ill start scritching his neck and his eyes will close with pleasure, but he will still continue to growl! :P Such a little dork..
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My old tuxedo cat, B.C. used to be angry at the world.
He was hard to make friends with, and he ignored people unless they touched him.
I was casually dating one of the guys I worked with and I had him over to my house to watch a few movies.
B.C. peed in his shoes (yes, both).
I always trusted his judge of character...I never dated the guy again.

B.C. was front declawed and when mad he was dangerously violent.
An ex-long term boyfriend made the mistake of picking him up while he was in a mood.
B.C. smacked him in the face so hard it broke his glasses and gave him a shiner.
No one at work believed him when he explained he got the smackdown from a cat.

He's really the only cat I've had that ever had any 'mad' behaviors.
He was diagnosed as mildly retarded (his sister, which I also adopted had to be euthanized as she was hydrocephalic) which manifested itself in destructive and dangerous mood swings, it was discussed with the vet after drug therapy failed, that he be declawed for the safety of everyone involved.
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One of my 4 cats has a bad attitude as well. He gets angry at me if I do not feed him exactly at the time he says. If I pet him too much, too softly, too roughly, etc, etc, he will bite or scratch me. On the outside, he is such a bully and tries to beat up my small female cat all the time. But deep down inside, he is such a baby. He is scared of everything...from the typical vaccuum cleaner to garbage bags. What a toughie!!!
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Abigail did similar things as Teufal before. When her box got too full she'd tip it over and scatter the litter all over, then go to the bathroom beside the box. The box was in the bathroom, so then she would shred the toilet paper and run around knocking things over. It was pretty funny. I ended up getting an automatic litter box, plus kept the old one and that seemed to solve the problem
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Some cute tails() of mr & mr's attitude kitts here!!

my stud kitty Danlara nips when he's angry! a trait he has passed along to his son Lonestar.
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Dax gets annoyed when I make too much noise in the morning. She will lie in bed and give me the death stare if bang anything. She sure likes her morning sleep in.

Dax also has a tendancy to take a nip at anyone who disturbs her at a bad time. A friend of ours was over watching movies and went into the bathroom to use the toilet - Dax was in there on the heated floor in front of it, napping.
He didnt turn the light on for whatever reason and just went to use the toilet, bumped into Dax and the next thing we heard was "argh!! something bit me!!"

He forgot we had a cat...
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