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Oral Decongestant? + A Story!

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Hello all,

I am the proud human to a cat named Pepper. She is an absolutely adorable 4-year old black Bombay and the sweetest cat on the face of the earth.

And here is my horrible issue.

I left to see my brother (who is serving in Iraq) who was home for block leave. I boarded Pepper at the same vet she has been to since I adopted her in 2001. She was suppose to get the normal treatment she has always gotten; food, water, love, a place to stay, a clean litter pan, and of course…vaccinations.

Well, I picked my kitty up on the 5th day of her boarding and brought her home. All seemed fine, with the exception of what only appeared to be a stress-induced occasional sneeze, until 2-3 days later I come home and none of her food has been touched and her water is actually still water, not the murky disaster she usually turns her dish into. I search for Pepper all over the place, which is extremely unusual because she has always greeted me at the door, and find her under my bed. Her face looks horrible and withdrawn and she is miserable. She actually didn’t even fight when I pulled her from under the bed. She felt hot, she wasn’t responsive to my voice, and her eyes kept closing and staying shut.

Emergency vet. NOW!

It just happens to be that her vet & boarding place for 4 years is also a 24-hour emergency care center. I rush her in.

They do the normal tests and tell me her temperature is 108. WAY over what it should be. Her fur is taught and her sheen is gone, she almost falling “asleepâ€. They pull the report from when she was there to see what shots they gave her to see if maybe she was having a reaction to it. Well, low and behold, they gave her NONE. In other words, their negligence has now resulted in my sweet kitty having a severe upper respiratory infection. And she is dying.

They immediately started explaining themselves away, as if I was at that point even listening, that they are sorry. I tell them I could care less, just “fix†my cat. Now. They put her on IV fluids and such. For the next 2 days I was devastated. I called multiple times a day to check on her, her eating, her temperature, etc. Its not looking good. Finally on the 3rd day she is eating the soft food they are feeding her through a tube, and she even went potty. Ive never been so happy at the thought of feces until that moment.

I go in to talk to the vet in charge and they had the ***** to put a piece of paper on the table, with my cat still nearly dead, with a bill estimate of over $1,700 (USD). I flipped out, needless to say. I immediately called a lawyer.

After a few faxes and phone calls from my legal counsel, I am contacted by the owner of the clinic telling me that they are apologetic over and over, and that all of my fee’s, including the mediations have been waived. Smart move on their half…but still, I just want my cat back, and alive, and back to “normalâ€.

A few days later they call me and tell me I can pick her up. They are sending her home with me with a trio of meds’, some highly palatable soft food, and instructions on what to do and expect.

For the 1st few days now (this is day 4 as I type) she is sad, very lethargic, not eating on her own. Just depressing. I could barely stand to look at her because you can see her misery. I was so scared. I’m giving her:

1 pill once a day
2 doses of amoxicillin 2x a day
and ……..*insert dramatic music* nasal and eye drops 2x a day.

The pill, easy. The liquid amox, easy. The drops, like understanding physics….at 2.

My kitty is now feeling and doing mountains better. She is now greeting me at the door when I come in from work. She is eating both “their food†and her normal diet (but only if I literally feed it to her by finger) and she is drinking just about as much water as me. She actually purred tonight for the first time and I about became all kinds of emotional. She is also cleaning herself so that dandruff-look is going away slowly. Her fur is shiny, and she acts interested in her food when I am in the kitchen. I swear to you I can sit there for 30 minutes and just love her into a ball of disgusting cuddle warfare and the minute I stop she nudges my with all her might. I am ecstatic, my cat is not going to die now (lets hope there is no relapse) and I can actually sleep.

The bad news.

I think I would rather eat mud than try to give this poor little cat those nose and eye drops. It makes her furious, and rightly so. Not only that, it is absolutely impossible to get a drop in each eye, and a drop in each nostril, twice a day.

Is there any such thing as a pill-form or liquid-form decongestant that can administered orally? I asked the vet and they said “no, there is only the liquid drops†which I find horribly hard to believe.

Thanks for listening to my long winded story. And thanks ahead of time for any responses about the decongestant.

Proud human of Pepper,

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I'm afraid I don't know of any oral decongestant but I want to offer my support to you for your horrible problem with the 'VET'. I hope your cat gets better soon.
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I would be mad at the vets too. If she is OK and getting better maybe the drops are unnecessary.
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