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Meow...I'm new

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Hi, I'm RosieToes (named after my cat who lives at my mom's house.)
my current house, with my boyfriend, is home to:
-my 2 cats, Boots and Hutch
-a whole bunch of chickens and baby chicks
-a big box that is teeming with ducklings
-a whole bunch of rabbits (one big black mom rabbit, her 4 kittens, two albino rabbits, one nasty strawberry roan rabbit, and one black and white spotted rabbit)
-a dog named Jayci
and I also have 2 horses (a grey Appendix named Jewel and an Appaloosa named Skookum) and a pony (a palomino welsh colt named Tequila.)

I live in beautiful British Columbia and work in a donut shop. I am the crazy baker, proud to be on of "the naughty ones."

I am loud, opinionated, and I always enjoy a good healthy argument. I look forward to making friends (and who knows, maybe an enemy or two lol) on this site. So far it seems quite interesting!
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just a couple pics of my boys

Me and Hutch at 2 a.m.

Hutchikins and Baby Booters, cuddling in bed

and one last pic of my fatties

Hutch is the tabby, Boots is the grey one. They both weigh about 15 pounds, and are almost a year old. I got them when they were 6 months old, they were from the litter a feral cat (who lived in my mom's back yard) had in our bushes. My mom and I lured them in with tuna!
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Welcome to TCS! If you need anything, PM me. Oh and your cats are really cool! Have fun here!
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why is one you your rabbits nasty?

Welcome to tcs
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Welcome to the site! You have quite the menagerie there! Your kitties are both very cute!
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if i remember correctly, she doesnt like that color..strawberry roan
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Hi and welcome! Sweet kits you have there! If you need anything, feel free to give me a yell, ok?
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Aquiel: I hate strawberry roan horses lol...but the rabbit is cute. I'm not sure why the rabbit is nasty...perhaps its last owner used to play too rough, or thought "punt the bunny" was a fun game? Who knows. Either way, when my mother-in-law tried to cuddle it, he skillfully etched his signature into her arm and made it bleed. His name is now "Scram".
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lol...i was close!! horse...rabbit....
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Hi And Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you soon on the forums!
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