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Litterbox Lover

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My Kitty-Pooh has always been very protective of his litterbox (strange, since it's a one-cat household). Lately, he occasionally just sits or lays in the litterbox. If I walk pass the litterbox, he will jump out and follow me.

There's been no change in his use of the litterbox...he's not using it any more or less...seems normal. He seems healthy/happy otherwise.

I do keep his box spotless...he won't have it any other way. LOL! Whenever I clean the box, he comes running to inspect and make sure it's done right! LOL!

Anyone else have a litterbox lover?

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my kitty is the exact opposite about the cleaning, if it's clean, she makes sure to get it dirty (Within about a minute or two of it being cleaned)
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I don't have any litterbox lovers, but I have heard of it and also seen it in shelters where they keep the cats in a common room. Do you provide any other little hidey-holes? Maybe he just needs a little space where he feels secure.
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