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hello all!

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Hello everyone!

I'm krissie--I live in the Washington DC area.

I just got a kitty from a shelter about a month ago--her name is Arizona. She is white with black splotches--she looks like a little Holstein. She's one year old, and a very sweet little girl. She's a bit of a talker, too.
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Welcome! Your little girl sounds precious!
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Yes, Welcome you will come to love it here!!!
Please post a picture of your precious Arizona - we always love seeing kitty pictures.
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Welcome krissie!

Your Arizona sounds adorable!
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Welcome to The Cat Site Krissie, I'm happy to meet you!
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Welcome to TCS. We all hope that you enjoy it here. If you have any questions on navigating around, please feel free to "private message" (PM) me. Not sure what I'm talking about? Post a thread, and I'll talk you through it.
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Hi Krissie :angel2:

Nice to see you've found this site...I love the name "Arizona"...very cool

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Welcome to the site Krissie!! This is a great place to be with tons of great people...make yourself at home!! Hope to see you around here often!!
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I love talkative cats, they're such good company. Neither of my boys talks much unless food is involved, but they're good company too. Guess I just love cats! Welcome to both of you.
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:laughing: Yes, the talkative ones are something else, aren't they? Last night my company had its annual holiday party, so I got home really late. Boy, did I hear about it when I got in!! She was still fussing when I left this morning.
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Hello and welcome!!! Glad to have you join the site. We hope to hear from you a lot. Yes, post a picture, we'd love to see you're fur-baby.

My cat Abu is VERY vocal. I raised him and I'm an opera singer. Huh, go figure. I just think his voice is the most adorable sound in the world. He's just so cute! And he's only meowing to ask "why aren't you petting me?" with big green eyes wide open and you can't help but obey his request. He's just irresistable.
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Oh wow, I'd love to hear you sing Lindykitty. All of my cats are very vocal...extremely vocal...I wonder if it's because I sing and play guitar? Haha! That's really quite a compliment huh? I sound like my cats! haha That's cool, at least they like it!

How long have you been an opera singer Lindy? That's awesome!

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hi Krissie welcome to the cat site....I also have a talker - although she decides to be vocal at odd times like the middle of the night when she wants a cuddle
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Welcome to the best site on the web!

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I just love 'cow kitties'.
Welcome Krissy - please post a pic of that little beauty of yours!
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Welcome krissy....we are all so glad to have you here!
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