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CJ is too young for a bald spot!

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A little over a month ago I noticed that Cj had a spot on his leg that I had never felt before. It was a long line, fairly straight about 3.5 inches long. It felt like a scar and I thought that was part of the reason he walks funny. (he prances standing on the end 1/3 of his feet kinda with his kinked tail held over him almost touching his head. He was abused, I figure it was broken a few times.) I thought well maybe he got attacked by a dog or got a cut somehow and had to have it sewn up. It didnt feel weird or anything, I just could not believe I hadnt noticed it before. I told my mom (who is an Registered Nurse) and she said that it made sense. Then a couple of weeks later (this past Sat. ) I asked her to feel of it and she said it felt like swollen glands (lymph is what she said) they were small about the size of bb's still in a fairly straight line going up his back leg. Now 3 days later it is bald back there and it looks like an old wound (no scabs or oozing) trying to heal (I just noticed it today as he wont let me look or touch his legs back there, I figured that if he was hurt back there before he was wary of me touching it... now i dunno). I am bothered that it went that bald that quickly, and tomorrow I am going to schedule a vet appt for him for friday. I was just wondering if any of y'all had any idea what it could be or anything I could do until friday? Thanks.

He is a year old this month very active, inside only, not declawed, current on all his shots. He was dewormed about 4 months ago, his litter is pa-purr fully changed once a week. He had a respitory infection when I got him but he has since been cleared by the vet (it was in jan.) he weighs about 8.5 pounds.
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My Binx started getting bald spots when we adopted him, and it scared us so badly! It started on his legs, he got one, then another, then one on his tummy...! They just looked like bare scab, sore, or anything. From what the vet told us, it was most likely an allergic reaction to something! Without getting allergy tests done (expensive!) to know for sure, it could be anything from fleas, dust mites, food, litter, mold, pollen...etc. So, the vet gave the little guy a Cortizone shot and the bald spots started filling back in withing about 5 days.

Of course, always rule out ringworm just to be sure! But, if it just showed up out of nowhere, chances are good that it's allergies.

I hope all goes well at the vet. Please update us on the diagnosis.
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no good news here. Now its starting to look a little pussy. What do I do guys? I have a vet appt. at 11 am tomorrow, but it is getting worse at such a quick rate I am really worried!
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Can you call the vet and see if they think it can wait until tomorrow?
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his vet is closed now, and the only appt. they had today would have made me miss a test and i couldnt do that (she is strict on no makeups). He is still eating and drinking. still has energy. Although he did let me get close enough to smell it and it doesnt smell pretty. should I try to wrap it? should I try to clean it with a rag as much as he will let me?
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Oh, poor baby! Just try to keep him comfortable until tomorrow. Not knowing what the problem is makes it hard to try to treat it. Good luck at the vet tomorrow!
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Thanks bekiboo for your kind words, it is very when you know something is wrong but you dont know how to fix it. I am starting to notice it is effecting his behavior now. He wants to play but cant do it as long as he used to. He is being very sweet and cuddly though. he just wanted me to hold him and carry him around. After about 10 minutes of this I just layed down on my bed to do some reading while holding him. We both ended up sleeping the three hours, him right beside me. He kept reaching out his paw while still asleep and touch my cheek like he was making sure I was still there. I noticed he felt hot next to me. It breaks my heart to know he isnt feeling so good, and I am glad I can get him to the vet. She had an appt. that was a better time for me tuesday, but if this has gotten this much worse in 4 days, I would hate to see what would happen if I waited 6 more. Usually we go in with our harness and leash, but tommorrow we are going to go in the cat carrier I bought him tonight.

We need healthy kitty vibes!
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Sending all the Healthy Kitty Vibes I can find to you and sweetie pie CJ

Please let us know how it goes, and try not to worry tonight. CJ will pick up on that and you want him to be calm while he isn't well
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If you get this, I would use warm compresses on the area tonight if you can. Don't cover it; it sounds like an abscess and you'll want to encourage it to keep draining all the pussy stuff out. If you have a small syringe, turkey baster, etc. you can try to flush the area with lukewarm water. The vet will probably do a more thorough cleaning tomorrow and prescribe antibiotics. It definitely sounds like an abscess, as they can cause heat around the area as well as a fever. Good luck to you and CJ.
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I was just checking in on your thread and was sorry to read that things have gotten worse. I'm glad you are going to the vet soon. With such an urgent case, the vet should let you come in ASAP.

I hope everything is better with CJ soon. That image of you and he napping together was too sweet. Poor little buggar.

Get well soon, CJ!
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Well the vet didnt call it anything special just an abcess of some kind. I have amoxicillian for him twice a day. I dont think it is just a scrape that got infected like she said, but I guess if the meds make it go away it doesnt really matter what caused it. He wasnt happy that she shaved his leg before she cleaned it, and even less happy about his temp. being taken, but its all over now and we are home. I got him a new toy last night when I bought him his cat carrier and I gave it to him when we got back from the vet to try to make amends. I am going to save up for a digital camera because I keep saying I wish I could post a pic of this on TCS, esp. his "scrap."

I just hope it all gets better.
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It seems he is feeling a little better as he is being very playful with his new toy I bought him.

I was amazed today at how he kept trying to come back to me, when the vet would write down stuff in his charts he would crawl back to me like I wasnt going to let her hurt him, as long as I was touching him it was ok. It was really sweet. I guess one of the reasons it made me feel good was because he was abused when he was little and it took him a while to come out of his shell, and today it was like I got to see how much he trusts me. It was the greatest warm fuzzy feeling for him to show me. I would be lying if I said he wasnt spoiled, he has all kinds of toys, and he gets away with a lot sometimes (what can I say, I am a push over!). We go to the vet every 2 months for something (worms, respitory infection, strange abcesses) but this is the first time he did that. I really dont know how to explain it, or how it made me feel, but it did remind me how much I love my pretty boy!
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We are still doing a little better. He is being pretty playful, and I have just given him his third dose of amoxicillin. I cant really tell if the abcess on his leg looks any better, but it might be too soon to tell. He never really acted sick, just really lovey. I will keep you posted, and send healthy thoughts our way!
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Keep getting better CJ
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I'm glad to hear that CJ is doing a little better. By the way, I LOVE the picture of him with the roses in your signature.
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I'm keeping CJ in my thoughts. I hope the antibiotics are helping.
<<<<Healthy Vibes for CJ>>>>
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Originally Posted by Roxy_loves_CJ
We go to the vet every 2 months for something (worms, respitory infection, strange abcesses)
Boy do I know how that is. My rescue baby (okay, so he's not quite a baby--he's at least 12 years old) has had me at the vet about 15 times since January 1st. He's had abscesses and surgeries for abscesses as well as testing of his thyroid levels. I love him to death though, and I wouldn't trade him for the world.
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