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I'm so embarrested!

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A friend of mine and I were playing lazer tag, and all of the sudden someone came up and spooked her, causing her to smash into my jaw(I was behind her) and I then feel against the fall, and fell over. I almost started crying because my cheek was bleeding, and it hurt so much(I'm such a baby! ) and then I covered my face so no one could see me, so my friend bent over to see if I was okay. This man came over and yelled really loud "Oh my! Are you alright?!" It was sweet, but I feel like a baby.
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OH, I get the same way...we want to be so tough & macho, but really, everyone else is genuinely concerned. I am glad that you weren't hurt worse. Once, my brother & his girlfriend were white-water rafting & she was behind him & the same thing happened - the back of his head hit her face, and she had 2 black eyes (she looked like a raccon) when she attended our sister's wedding! So I'm glad that you didn't get the "racoon face". And remember, it probably made that man feel good about getting involved. We need more people like that in our society these days!
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I know. I feel it was sweet, but still I feel like a baby.

Your concern is very sweet. I'm glad, as well. I'm sorry about what happened to her!
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aww!!! That sucks!!! Here :P I'll help you feel less embarrassed by telling you some stupid things I have done

I fell down the stairs at school once....

see.. my feet are really big.. Iwear a size 12 mens... and the steps .. well they are made for size 10 mens, plus you always dont put your foot right directly all the way on the step, so its like 6 inches.. and anyways.. I fell head over heals six stairs, and landed on the floor. I sat on the floor for a second with people walking around me, just breathing.. someone I knew asked if I was ok.. some guys laughed (because thats what they do in situations like that) I said I was ok, stood up, limped down the hallway to where my english teacher was standing.. and said "Excuse me... but Is it all right if I go to the nurses? I just fell down a flight of stairs." she just kind of stared at me with her mouth open and said "o.. ok.. sure" and I limped my way down to the nurse. Sounds weird, but I think people respected me more after that. The next day in one of my classes, a guy who was behind me on the stairs and was in my class commented on it.. and I said" Eh didnt hurt that much, I am just a klutz" I scraped knees, bruised my stomach and thighs, did something to my hands... the nurse was stupid though... she told me to lay down with an icepack, adn I could barely stand up after an hour, because the muscles tightened.. she should have given me a warm pack, and told me to walk around a bit. Duh...

Once at my mom's friend's daughters birthday, I was putting up this giant barbie pinata in the tree.. I tied the end of the rope to a rock.. and threw it up over the branch.. it went over, and then swung back and hit me in the mouth. Yeah..

another time.. when I used to voulenteer at this zoo (summer after I turned 15, before sophmore year) we were putting up a fence to keep the cows and goats seperate (not normal cows, but big, red ones with white bellies, and ten foot long horns Plus these funky african goats) well his grandsons were trying to pull a pole out of the ground with the post puller.. and they coulddnt get it so they asked me.. I pushed on it and pushed on it but nothing happened.. so then I opted to lay on it and put my whole weight on it... well the post came out, and both the post and post puller whacked me upside the head with the force of all my weight plus... Lets just say I am not skinny I could tell the guy was worried.. the guy who owned the zoo.. I could just see "lawsuit" or somehting coming up in his eyes.. so I sat down a bit and held my head and after five minutes got up and finished pulling the poles.. and then we went to wrangle the goats into the new pen.. now.. the goats and cows are very very close to each other.. so I couldnt see why he wanted to seperate them in the first place ( he has about three other types of goats) anyways I was running full speed through the mud trying to herd them, when I came out into the field.. where the goats were standing underneath the cows.. the cows were snorting and stomping their hooves.. so i was like "oh crap" I ran as fast as I could back into the forest, because the trees were grown close together and the bull wouldnt be able to get in...
We eventually just put these emu like birds in.. their name starts with a k.. and they are half the size of an emu, and whitish pink.. pretty...

There was also an ornery old male camel that would try to bite/spit/stomp you if you came too close...

He had a beautiful male pony though! He was like a spanish stallion.. a dark blood red color with black going down his legs, a black tail, a black mane, and a black nose with white before it, and a white star on his forehead... Oh he was such a pretty boy. I think he sold him to a woman who wanted a stud. He is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen.

I have played with wolves too.. the female at least... she was really friendly.. they had to stay in a smaller enclosure (30 feet by 15) until he finished the area for them..... and the lion almost got my hand once.. because I was stupid enough to think she wanted me to pet her nose... Yeah hah!!!

Crap rambling.. but its interesting anyways :P That is why I want to be a zookeeper...

hope maybe it made you feel a bit better :P
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Aw, you are so awesome! I didn't mean to laugh at you getting hurt, but I did. I'm sorry. You poor thing, you're almost as klutzy as me! Thanks for all the effort.
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Thats ok! I meant for you to laugh at me :P

Know what is crazy though? The stupidest littlest, lamest things will make me cry, but falling down the stairs and getting hit in thehead with a metal pole only made me laugh. I am insane I think
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Dear of you.. I'm Miss clumsy too. Got a habil of always banging me arms or twisting my ankle. I know I went to a music festival once and I fell over in front of everyone and couldn't get up. Was so funny. Then there was another time when I fell backwards of a chair in a night club and I hadn't even been drinking!! Then there was the time I ripped me front tooth out with a washing line. I want to be a zoo keeper too Orange!!
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that reminds me lol!!!!!!!!
when i was in primary school, my teacher sent me to the office to get something for her anyway a friend and i were running towards the classroom but towards the classroom there is a corner at the canteen, My very good friend was running down the steps and at the corner she smashed her jaw into my eye/cheeck, her jaw was bleeding and i got a black eye for about 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sure hope your cheek is feeling better today, Jenny!
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Jenny, hon, welcome to klutzes-are-us, I'm a member too! Just one short story, didn't hurt anything but my pride....when I was in college, I was at the mall one evening with a couple of friends, and I had on a long, straight denim skirt, with a pair of flats (slick soles). I was walking between them, and they were talking, when we walked down a slight incline and my feet went out from under me, landing me squarely on my butt! I sat there shocked for a minute, and they didn't miss me until a couple of guys who were behind us caught up with them and told them that their friend needed help!
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Sorry about you cheek, Jenny! I'm sure some kisses from Princess and Orei will make it all better!!
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Well lets see-on Tuesday I was finishing weeding my shrub border and I was on my knees with my smaller pruning saw taking out some dead limbs-well I proceeded to saw the limb off and continue onto my right thigh!! Man those things are sharp!! Or a couple of weeks ao I was moving stuff around in my potting shed and the shovels and rakes all fell down and one of the shovels hit he on my head!!!
Yes Klutzes-Are-Us are definately alive and well here!!
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Thank you everyone. I can't stress enough what awesome friend you are.

My cheek is better now, thanks to the kitties.
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I'm such a klutz, too! seriousely.
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Good to know I'm not the only one.
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