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Only one of my cats goes outdoors for a short time during the day because she insists and is intolerable unless she gets her way.
She is treated with Advantage monthly to prevent fleas from infesting my other indoor cats.
Two weeks ago I gave her a treatment and tonight I noticed a black speck on her fur and low and behold it was a flea who tried to escape unsuccessfully. I don't understand why the treatment didn't last the whole month.
Being worried that she might have more and infest my other kitties, I read up to make sure I could give her another treatment before the month was up, I then gave her another treatment. I stayed with her because it indicated that it would take effect within 3 to 5 minutes. Well, at least 10 fleas released themselves from her and I was there to destroy them.
I am now worried that my other cats may have had contact although she does not sleep or go anywhere near them because she does not like her brothers and sisters at all. I will spray her area with flea insecticide and do a thorough vacuuming tomorrow. I cannot do it now because it's too late and hubby is sleeping.LOL!!
I don't want to have to treat all the cats. What should I do?? Thanks.
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If you let your cat outside, you will get fleas. If you use the same spot-on flea treatment all the time, the fleas build up a resistance to it. You need to switch on an off between Frontline and Advantage each month. Also you will need to treat your other cats otherwise you could have fleas and tapeworms. Be careful what you treat their area with- you best bet is to get an area spray from you vet, and not the local pet or grocery store.
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